LSR Notes: 9/15/20

10:05 PM


9:30 PM


5:00 PM

“Hey Dan, I’ve haven’t spoken to you in a while …”


“What’s the color of the sky there in #Seattle?”

“Hell …”

“The color Dan?”

“hell .. hell color …”


4:49 PM

Birds: do they exist?



4:20 PM


Seems like how they’ll administer the death-poison at the FEMA camps …


3:47 PM

I want the wars to end …

But I would not be so sure that’s what’s happening right now.

Troop re-positioning could signal something quite ominous.


3:40 PM

Coyotes will mate with crows … and create crowtes …

Coyotes will breed with rabbits too …

Rabbotes … or Coybits … just dangerous as fuck.


3:32 PM

Coyotes will breed with all animals.

(especially house cats …)

Cat-yotes? – are not a joke.


3:25 PM

I’ve developed a pregnancy test for men …

  1. you pay me $600
  2. I punch you in the face and run


3:19 PM

How does classical time travel theory (unitary timeline, non-expansionary Wheeler bullshit) … no multiverse … mix with reincarnation?


3:15 PM

“Being a heavyweight? – means you drown faster.” – Dr. Freckles

Listen …

I’m a heavyweight / #HEAVYWEIGHT …

You are QUITE LUCKY that I spend some of my time with you …

You should take this as an opportunity to soak up my blessed knowledge … to receive my golden shower of info.

So come on …

(you owe me like $4000 already)


3:08 PM

What would a firestorm be like if it reached the scale of a hurricane?


Fire-cane: coming soon, in 2023 … starring: Brock Tadner.

The story of a washed up fireman, who ends up as a drunk homeless man, and saves a family from the “Fire-cane” by killing a rich dude.


2:57 PM

and ventriloquists are creepy …

you ever see the movie “Magic” with Anthony Hopkins?


8:48 AM

Luke 4:18-19


8:03 AM

I want to live so rural …

I can shower outside …


Fire pistols at the same time.

(and drink whiskey)

(and listen to Astrud Gilberto at 10 gorillion decibels)


8:00 AM

I don’t want a civil war.

But this death star must burn.

This empire must fall.

Then maybe we have a chance to be free again.

Maybe we could build something, a “land of the free and home of the brave” … wouldn’t that be amazing?

To lead by example.


7:39 AM

Shock-u-mentaries were BIG in the 1970’s …

Shockumentary: a documentary meant to titillate and tease using urban legends and common fears …

I think “Overlords of the UFO” is the greatest of all …

Bigfoot, Lochness, Satan, Ghosts, ESP, Dimensions, you name it …

Killer Bees …

Asteroids …

Serial killers …

Ice Ages …

Shocking …

LSR Notes: 9/14/20

11:17 PM


9:00 PM

“We have to kill it …”

“Why do we have to kill it?”

“If we don’t kill it, it will kill us …”

“Why would it kill us?”

“For our gold.”

“How we gonna kill it?”

“With a ballista …”

“Where we getting that?”

“British Museum … the ghost of the Monkey-King will meet us.”


8:48 PM

I point at people all day long …

I’m Mr. Pointer …

I point at you as you’re driving your car, swerving too close to the yellow line …

I point at you for your MASK … “you’re not wearing that right” … and I point at you.

And my heart is dead.

And my life pitiable.


8:45 PM


8:36 PM

“My main strategy is to shove my arm … as you see here … in one FLUID MOTION up the butt hole of Nessie … I think we’ll get some really great results …”

“But won’t that startle the beast?”

“Oh … so you’re racist …”


8:32 PM

I looked into the eyes of Nessie …

It looked back into my demon heart …

A heart that was worn down to nothing but a pebble of morose longing for horse drawn wagons and lusty women and sex under the sunlit sky in a farmer’s field …

And I stare at you now …

And you see.


8:23 PM

I have all kinds of crazy thoughts …

50 cents a pound …

and a pound is a nickel …

and a nickel ain’t worth a dime …


8:21 PM

“… I just finished murdering two hookers in Glasgow … and I got really drunk … and I got a hold of some premium Colombian cocaine … and then I saw Nessie … made my weekend …”


8:12 PM

the only way to solve the Loch Ness problem is to drain the Loch …

pump out all the water …

(this is the only solution left to us)

Signed: Government

drain the mud

drain the blood

drain the Earth

drain our worth …

watch eons of love pass by, as we glide through this ash time of leaky faucets?


and all I can do is be sad
and we are left at the crossroads abyss

too softly dead


7:48 PM

“… now the spirit is telling me they really … really … wish they had a Facebook account …”


7:08 PM

Commie donation can … 1990.


6:46 PM

“The thing about ghosts?… they don’t know how to use the internet …”


6:35 PM

Tangata Manu is less crazy than our electoral system …


6:22 PM

you and I will become the gladiators of time …

when you leave behind your fear of flying? – you can fly with me, like the Bird Man of Easter Island …

and one day, you mother fucker? – they’ll build stone idols dedicated to YOU man …

You and your sarcastic bullshit.


6:20 PM

during the time of pirate soirees …

when the last empress of Toledo took her oath?

Catapult leaders, spending time and money, began hurtling their pain at the YALOMITES!


And I took explosive underwear on the plane …

(and asked to leave)


6:16 PM

I have already voted 17 times …

I clean my butt brush, after the morning pump out …

I see the blood and bile drift out to sea …

But I will vote 17 times …

Canned monkey stew is on the menu, along with pickled pigeon eggs and snail mucous …

I will vote 17 times.


12:02 PM

Another name for the Bible?

“This life is hard, but beautiful …”


11:56 AM

this song captures my feelings about normality, these days …

whatever normality is left.

(which ain’t much)


11:48 AM

Proverbs 28:27


11:26 AM

“If you live long enough? – you will become wise, lucky, or both.” – Dr. Freckles


10:59 AM

The Omen movies and the Rocky movies seem to parallel each other, in a way.


10:44 AM

“Nature abhors tyranny … nature conforms to reality.” – Dr. Freckles


10:38 AM

If you want to be my friend, here’s some great advice:

My “self help” book? – that’s the Bible.



10:30 AM

In the time of Slector-Nour?

When the Goglumeck people of realm 8 waged war against pirate angels?

There were many Barnumites, bespectacled and haughty …

Grasping cigars of pain …

Setting fire to the kittens of our mutual regret.

Eating pig slurry with mungis-freaks.

filter out the poisons first …

I would reduce, to a slurry … put this is in the cesspool.

Let the poo cake dry.

Use that for your pudding soup.

Or …

fuck …

Just set them on fire.


10:17 AM

When Christ gives you free bread and fish?

(he’s teaching you a lesson)

(one you really need to learn)


10:12 AM

“I’m a Christian AND an ANARCHIST … I know how to hide from the Romans.” – Dr. Freckles


10:02 AM

When I really hate life, and that’s not today?

(I want a Snicker’s bar … and a Coke)

(that’s my noose)

(that’s my razor blade)

V8 almost killed me a couple years ago …

You get free INFINITE V8 if you work at Microsoft – and that’s great, right?

Problem is? – I think it ends up being partially distilled glyphosate in tomato broth and plant gumbous …

Boy …

“free” ain’t free. except for liberty.

V8 vegetable drink, IMHO, contains a LOT of distilled poisons.


9:49 AM

“The only thing darker than a Canadian horror movie director? – a Danish person.” – Dr. Freckles


9:25 AM

“If you want to be a great sailor? – you can’t be afraid of the wind.” – Dr. Freckles


9:19 AM

“Without repeatable, verifiable, experiments? – science is a joke.” – Dr. Freckles


9:12 AM

Have you heard of “holocaust insurance”?

(research it)

(worthy discussion)

I am NOT a “Holocaust Denier” …

I am someone very skeptical of the “official version” of WW2.

Theory: the Rothschild powers told FDR to NOT bomb the rail roads and the death camps …


Because they needed a pretext for Israel, and 70+ years of persistent propaganda against anyone opposed to Israel.

Jews let Jews die, so that Israel could be born.

Did FDR know where the death camps were? – YES.

Did we have the capacity to shut down the death camps? – YES.

Would we, net-net, have saved lives by bombing the death camps AND the railroads to them? – YES.

Did we bomb the death camps OR the rail roads heading there? – no …

Don’t tell me FDR and his administration “couldn’t imagine” the Final Solution …

(Roosevelt knew that we’d given the NAZI’s that idea from how we treated native americans)

(so yeah … they could imagine it)


9:11 AM

Is contemporary physics, as a science, a grift?

I think it is …


9:06 AM

I have a weird way of saying “hello” …

I don’t walk up and say “hello” …

I say “hey … is that a V-8?”

(it’s a kind of test)


9:04 AM

“The menu is NOT the meal.” – Dr. Freckles


8:57 AM

I am currently drifting through dimension 009X-Romeo …

This is the dimension of hippos and zebras, hanging out down by the river … smoking cigarettes … and they give you dirty looks.

Please do not contact me about ANY special DEALS today …

(not while I’m in 009X-Romeo)


8:32 AM

Prices are pointless now …

Soon? – we will simply quote non-linear growth functions to each other …

“How much you want for that car?”

“Price today? … fuck … n^2+233 …”

“Shit … that’s a good deal, what’s wrong with it?”

“I murdered my wife in it …”

(snare drum)

*** a secret meeting between #Trump and FED Chair #Powell ***

“So … this money printing is HUUUGE …”

“Yes … yes it is Sir.”

“How long until we’re done, complete … with the money printing?”

“When we’re NP-Complete …”

(snare drum)


7:26 AM

I’m a hobo philosopher, a burnt out middle aged computer programmer …

I’m a drunken preacher …

A shaman for hire …

A painter.

A dude seeking after NAZI gold in Canada …

A sinner and a Christian …

I know Jesus loves me, yet I shake my fist at God from time to time.


6:53 AM

Commie Artists Must Die!


6:37 AM

“Better an ugly hooker than an ugly truth.” – Dr. Freckles


6:26 AM

I live more than 15 miles from where my sister lives, yet I know that her french bulldog “Beans” took a poop 27.8 minutes ago …

I simply sensed it …

Is that ESP?


6:24 AM

“If you don’t know what you’re talking about, why would you assume others do?” – Dr. Freckles


6:23 AM

to any discourse, definitions are critical.

often, just understanding what we mean when we say words like “freedom” or “weapon” explains a lot.


6:05 AM

The movie concept “Shivers” …

Set in Seattle, a weird virus takes people over and causes them to run around stabbing each other … randomly … in crowds and individually.

I had this idea a few years ago – but then reality caught up with me and surpassed me.

Miracles …

  1. Magic and deception
  2. Technology, science, and the Age of Man
  3. Miracles as demonstrations: Lazarus
  4. Miracles as assistance: water from the stone
  5. Miracles as ministry: feeding the hungry
  6. Miracles as hope
  7. What size do they come in?
  8. Curses …

A prayer concerning miracles …


Every day we awake, it is a miracle from you.

Each day that we can breathe, eat, smile, and be with the people we love is a miracle.

In the Bible, great acts are performed – and this TOO from God, done for us.

Lord in Heaven, a terrible curse has befallen this land, this world .

Darkness rules, evil divides and the righteous hide meekly behind excuses.

Jesus, we have before us the challenge of the age.

Do we not have the ability to stand up and do what’s right?

Have we become so tired in our faith, that we are simply waiting to die?

Jesus, the miracle I desire was performed, already.

The miracle I hope for, I pray for, is the rekindling of our human dignity before the shadow of Satan overcomes this world.

In your name, I pray, Jesus Christ.


A God of Miracles …

  1. Random Reading: Song of Songs 8:13
  2. Reading 1: John 11:1-44 … Lazarus …
  3. Greetings/Announcements: a) Sept 27 vs Sept 20th for the next in person ministry … this is because I need more time. If you are wanting prayers, please email me. Burnt out, smoky, Seattle … monotheism/polytheism and Mary the Mother of Jesus? .. very first reading as random reading.
  4. Reading 2: Numbers 20:1-13 … miracle of water
  5. A prayer for friends in need of miracles:
  6. Reading 3: Matthew 14:13-21 … feeding the multitudes
  7. What does it mean to say “Lord of Miracles”?
  8. Moment of silence for those without hope, for those that need a miracle.
  9. Lord’s Prayer
  10. Blessings
  11. Contact:

LSR Notes: 9/13/20

10:16 PM

“Easter Island”

(that’s the morbid thought in my head right now)


9:57 PM

I got way to obsessed about “Hezekiah” today …

(and now I feel crappy about all the stuff I don’t know)

But what is exciting? – all the study and learning that lay AHEAD!


… also …

Imagine a bald eagle that was bred with a toucan and a golden eagle and was 12 feet tall when standing on the ground … ???


5:56 PM

Hezekiah? – met the forest demon.

Hezekiah? – hunted bear and deer and lived with musky women in caves and bled the blood of ivory tears.

Hezekiah made merry with wookie marshals and stood beside the River of Torg …




He is the forest wanderer, he carries 8 knives and 3 hatchets …

He looks for plants and roots and berries.

He hunts the grizzly and wrestles him and nearly dies.

He mends his wounds, nakedly, by the calm stream.

Forest maidens bring him mead and chicken strips.


5:50 PM

I just came across this, and this is 100% #Twitter with respect to trolls …

Proverbs 27:3

“Stone is heavy and sand a burden, but a fool’s provocation is heavier than both.”


5:46 PM

Some Coastal Salish Indian totem poles display an “eagle” that has the beak of a toucan …

And it makes me wonder … was there a toucan like hawk that looked like an eagle and used to live around here?

(and will I see it?)

(and will it utter my spirit name: “Hezekiah”)


5:25 PM

Recently …

I’ve been thinking a LOT about Easter Island …

(that and the name “Hezekiah”)


12:50 PM

Jim Cramer?

Some random big bank?

Underwear models?

These are not good reasons to buy crypto.


(below: an advertisement for a lottery ticket)


11:38 AM

A lot of anarchists/preppers/agorists spend time, these days, hopping from one life raft to the next … looking for the one that won’t leak.

(but they’re all leaking now)

Is this a test?

An optimist test?

I don’t know …

I just think it’s hard out there, desperate.


8:14 AM

Naked man …


8:11 AM

Why do ya’ll believe this story about the LA County Sheriff’s deputies being killed?

If you were there? – great.

But if all you see is a video from an iPhone or android?

Why do you believe it?

(kind of like the Chinese citizens “falling over” back in February)

“Dan, cops need to have military training and capability.”

“So, I was trained … by the military … like 25 FUCKING YEARS AGO … I wouldn’t let some dude walk up on my vehicle, that is not opsec.”

“Then you must be racist.”

(and scene)

If you’re a cop in LA?

In 2020?

And you’re letting ANY MOTHER FUCKER walk up on your vehicle without challenge?

Then you made a stupid OPSEC mistake.

Despite your paramilitary training, you were an idiot.


Doing coke in your vehicle?

Perhaps drunk?



“Dan, when it says firestorms will burn anything that can burn … what does that mean?”

“Turn to your mirror, look at yourself in the mirror, that means you …”

“That’s racist …”

(and scene)

“Dan, I can just jump in my car if a firestorm comes to my city.”

“You can … you will die in a traffic jam instead of at home.”

“What do you mean?”

“It moves too fast, temps will rise so quickly that your lungs will feel like they’re cooking in minutes, then it gets worse.”

if you hide underground during a #firestorm? – you will quickly run out of air.

if you jump in your swimming pool? – you will boil alive.

if you try to escape? – fire storms are FAST … too fast to escape, not if 3 million of your best friends are doing that too.

some of your last experiences before you die in a firestorm?

watching extremely overweight people melt and burn … like human candles …

(you won’t be alive long after that)

Firestorms sustain temperatures that lead to gasification …

This means ANY FUCKING THING that has trapped gases or convertible glues, bonds, plastics, which are convertible to a flammable gas?

That happens fast … during a firestorm.

Very quickly, a city is ravaged.

“Dan, what’s gasification?”

“You see that big wooden beam up their, the load bearing one helping to hold up your roof?”

“Yeah …”

“At the right temperature, you can cook the wood and it will release a flammable gas.”

“That sounds racist …”

(and scene)

People pouring into the streets in panic?

During a firestorm?

That’s like spilling a bucket of gasoline.

(think oil fire)

“Dan, what about all this cheap shit we’ve been buying from China for the last 40 years? That’s been piling up like junk everywhere in the city? That must be ‘fire safe’, right?”

Ha …

(you funny scro)

LSR Notes: 9/12/20

10:01 PM


8:12 PM

I spent the 70’s …

Hanging with the strange-o’s …

Hanging with the dlimbic-freaks and free-basers down by the old warehouse in Seattle …

I smoked PCP and drank caterpillar whiskey and chased after street bunnies so that I could make my food for the day ..

(it killed me)


8:02 PM

What the FUCK …

Aliens fucking with my hunting …


7:57 PM

“… invisible flying predators …”


7:50 PM

Did you know there are trans-dimensional beings, creatures, hovering over your house at night?

Did you know they hang out, looking for flesh? Looking for a cat or a dog or SOMEONE’S KID to eat?

When I reached the end of this skungis-whore kingdom?

When I breached the walls, and released the vile gases of LOOMERALL?

I stood before 3 demons, feeding off the fast flesh of some farmer’s hog …

I stood before the DEVIL …

He said: “Yo … want some BBQ?”

I said: “No.”


7:45 PM

I am Uri Geller …

I will touch your hands, and then I will sniff mine …

I will test your touch for the scent of cocaine.

I cannot do magic without cocaine.

The demons demand I sit in my hotel room at night, staring at the walls, listening to Pink Floyd, and doing cocaine.


7:42 PM

Uri Geller: wrist watch repairman …


7:38 PM

I am Uri Geller …

I’ve done so much coke, that I think I can fix broken wrist watches by yelling at them …


7:35 PM

My name is Uri Geller …

I do cocaine …

I am a magician and a coke head and I live in the desert with three wolves and 6 women driven mad by herpes …

I go to strange towns and fix watches with orgone energy, my laser beam eyes look for young women to exploit … for coke.


7:28 PM

Uri Geller …

Why did you lie about the murders?

Uri Geller …

Where are you hiding the witches?

Uri Geller …

Why did you steal my spoons and bend them and break them and tear out my heart and rip it in two?

Uri Geller …

Is your butt hole filled with cocaine?

Uri Geller …

Where did you bury that body?

You know the assistant? Vegas? 1984?

Where did you bury that hooker and her pimp after you murdered them and stole their cocaine?

Did you have to smear the blood on your face?

Did you have to run over that cat on your way home?


7:22 PM

“Dan, why do the aliens probe us?”

“Because of cocaine …”

“But that makes no sense …”

“Do you poop and shit and shart when you do coke?”

“Yeah … laxatives … I don’t get the good stuff …”

“Aliens didn’t know, they just assumed we exuded coke through our butt holes.”


7:19 PM

The UFO people love the Caribbean …

They live near Puerto Rico in a giant underground base …

They have slave armies and female whore-queens and giant jelly pits for busty wrestling …

And the cocaine …

They aliens now control ALL the cocaine.

(and this is pointless)


7:14 PM

“… the Canadian UFO report published recently that 97% of all cocaine theft is the result of alien abductions …”


7:11 PM

“… oceans cover most of the Earth … therefore, there’s a good chance my cocaine is there …”


7:10 PM

The sirens are whining …

Gungis-hordes are making their way to Broadway … there they will feed on blimbus-stew and gogumak and glycerol-45 …

They will crack open …

They will break …

Their brain case is filled with mind-jello and the cops want to ask a few questions.


7:06 PM

“… the French minister of Defense is certain that … one day … my cocaine will be found.”


6:55 PM

“… the aliens learned, long ago, that you could use advanced ESP and cosmic consciousness to detect WHERE the cocaine is … and that’s why they come to Earth.”


6:47 PM

The aliens come from Ummo …

Their minds are cosmic paste …

They want our stool samples, they want to check for crotch parasites … they want to take high tech shit and shove it into your butt zone …

They are bored …

They have lived for millions of years, no cocaine.


6:44 PM

“… the aliens had penis helmets … penises shooting in all directions … and they kidnapped us and gave us physical examinations …”


6:37 PM


6:35 PM

“… UFOs LOVE Mississippi …”


6:28 PM

John 11:1-44 “Lazarus”


6:24 PM

“… dudes wearing aviator style sun glasses are 76% more likely to see a UFO while doing shrooms and swimming naked …”


6:20 PM

“… according to Dr. Leo Sprinkle of the UFO Crap-tapolis Report, a significant portion of UFO abductees experience post abductee bleeding and anal zone rashes …”


6:18 PM

87% of all alien abductions involving anal penetration involve drinking …


6:16 PM

“… in March of 1975, a national newspaper reported that aliens were picking up women, along the strip … and taking them to Studio 54 … to dance the night away …”


6:09 PM

“… one alien told me my cocaine was in Utah …”

“… They say the angel Maroni appeared to Joseph Smith …. weeks after he ‘took care of that thing’ … and told HIM where my cocaine was … after taking him aboard his ship and giving him physical examinations …”


6:01 PM

“… the aliens seem mostly interested in our butt holes …” – An abductee


5:56 PM

“… a very tall man showed me a map … a map of all the places where aliens abducted him and then performed physical examinations … he said he knew where my cocaine was … he lied …”

“… the aliens would take large metal rods … hot pokers … barbed wire … Nalley’s chili cans … and insert them into my anal zone … and it hurt … it hurt really bad when the UFO guys did that …”

“… did you notice any particular pattern or behavior when they inserted objects into your butt hole?”

“I don’t know where your cocaine is man …”


5:52 PM

“… I found this guy who claims he knows WHERE the UFOs hid my cocaine … he did not know …”


5:49 PM

Humans who have been to “space”: 556

All humans that have ever lived: 108 billion …

(that fraction might as well still be zero)


5:32 PM

“… in 1947, a pilot near Mt. Rainier, saw several flying saucers moving at incredible speeds … he was also doing a lot of cocaine …”


5:28 PM

“… Soviet scientists are staking a claim to the UFO’s … and all the cocaine they are carrying.”


5:26 PM

“… in 1974, an alien arrived at my ashram in Idaho, and showed me this diagram, identifying WHERE my cocaine is …”


5:22 PM

“… Canadians get wasted … and this is what they see …”


5:11 PM

“… by the time this documentary is over, you will probably discover WHERE the aliens hid my cocaine.”

“… public opinion pollster, George Gallup, has determined that 1/3 people probably know where the aliens hid my cocaine.”


5:04 PM

“… in 1976, near Kentucky, 3 women were taken on board a UFO … bought dinner … taken to a really nice restaurant and a movie … and they didn’t put out … and the aliens were very disappointed.”

“… in Wyoming, in 1975, a really cool trucker dude … some dude who thought he was ‘all that’ … was taken aboard an alien space craft and given brutal anal examinations for 87 days …”


4:42 PM

“For years, I have been a newsman in the Pacific Northwest … and in that time I’ve done a lot of cocaine … and I’ve killed and buried hookers.” – 1976

“… in all that time I’ve discovered one fact, one thing that NOBODY will talk about or tell me about … and it sucks … WHERE ARE YOU KEEPING THE COCAINE?”

“I waited HERE … in the swamp … for days … and still no one can explain to me WHY I wasn’t abducted and given a physical examination …”

“… Near Pascagoula Mississippi … two ship yard workers were taken aboard the UFO and given cocaine …”


4:37 PM

  1. Love juices
  2. Love sciences
  3. Love analytics ….


All for a low LOW price of $764/hr …

(call me)


7:29 AM

Also …


“I’d love to donate, but all I have is crypto.”

“You can buy food, and ship it …”

“Oh … you need food?”

(and this is HOW these stupid conversations go)

(please: I give enough rope)

Also …

Only an ASSHOLE asks you about donating money, after being on your podcast several times, and not NOTICING MULTIPLE FUCKING DONATION LINKS …

Add to this: they love to preach “everything is normal and fine” bullshit …

(But they can’t find the donation links)

News flash:

Whether my #podcast sucks or not? – it takes resources.

I don’t push the “you must donate” bullshit? – because I know most people who listen are AS BROKE ASS BROKE as I am.

I think maybe I’ve lost track of my boundaries here …

(or people don’t care about them)


7:27 AM


My interviewing technique is simple …

I let people talk.

Let people talk long enough, you learn something.

Meditate on their words? – you learn even more.


7:16 AM

Don’t be a victim.


don’t be a fUCKING victimizer …

Is this fucking complicated?


7:12 AM

Please: rebuke the ministers who have been here a while … by all means … seek them out …


7:06 AM

If someone says “you remind me of my drunk old uncle” … is that a compliment?

If you come at me with:

“Dan, I thought you were a skinny beady eyed thief, but instead you’re my old drunk uncle.”

(you have to know I’ll remember)

(especially if I’ve been generous with my time, energy)

“I thought you were a beady eyed dude trying to sell me a stereo.”

“Now what do you think?”

“You’re like my old drunk irish uncle.”

(you think that’s an improvement?)


5:42 AM

The USA is a neo-Stalinist hell hole now …

The only thing left to happen is for people to embrace this prison state OR fight a bloody fight …

No more “peaceful solutions” – the “go along get alongs” have GUARANTEED that this shit show goes south.

We have been left with violence as our only recourse.

(let’s see what happens next)

(believe me: it will be bad, and your over-complex and fragile society will demonstrate HOW FUCKING BAD …)

(hope you don’t live near a nuclear power plant)

As I drift further away from people, I drift closer to darkness.

I pray to Jesus – “watch over us” …

I fear Jesus’ answer: “watch over your own damn self …”

But this mess?

(can’t blame this on God)

(can’t blame this on anything other than global, universal, cowardice)


5:22 AM

“Be courageous early, so you don’t have to dig graves later.” – Dr. Freckles


5:19 AM

“Dan, I’m just taking the path of least resistance … I don’t want violence …”


“Yeah …”

“You know because of obedience freaks LIKE YOU this WILL NOT UN-FUCK ITSELF NOW WITHOUT MASSIVE VIOLENCE …”

“That’s racist …”

(and scene)

A lot of people went along with this nonsense BECAUSE they did not want “violence” …

Hate to break it to you? – you have helped to GUARANTEE the coming bloodshed.

Be a hero earlier … so you don’t have to be a grave digger later.

LSR Notes: 9/11/2020 (continued from earlier)

5:42 PM

Raconteur …


5:00 PM

Here’s is what we know from several thousand years of combat history …


(and they will do bizarre things, including shooting over the enemy, to avoid it)

(and no amount of training changes this)

fun fact:

If you don’t want to kill? – it DOES NOT MATTER how great a shot you are, or how fancy your guns are or your ballistic vest is …

If you don’t want to kill, post collapse? – you will be at a disadvantage, no matter your fucking training.

(sorry – facts)


4:47 PM



4:41 PM


4:39 PM

I’ll shock you …

2 years post collapse?

There will be WAY MORE GUNS AND AMMO … AVAILABLE … than people …

(there won’t be quite as many people)

it’s a math problem dude …

study warfare: average number of rounds fired … not “hypothetical I’ll fire 5,000 rounds through my AR in under 10 minutes to create AR snuff porn …”

No – I mean real world, what people ACTUALLY do.

(so yeah – more guns/ammo than people)


4:12 PM

Grave digger?

(that’s a new job)

(or an old one)

(definitely a job of the future)


3:49 PM

The air is burning my eyes …

(not kidding)

The air of Seattle is burning my eyes …

But Elon is sending us to Mars in 4 years …


3:41 PM

Psalm 73 …


3:32 PM





2:57 PM

71 years ago …

Under a blood moon …

When the birds were leaving, and the worms were digging …

4 dimensional beings arrived at my door, called me a whore, set fire to my home and I drank my whiskey all alone as I watched all my hope burn up in a fury of pig entrails.

… and then …

… in the strange eye of June …

Cordial masked robots, carrying metal tubes … no lube.

They inspected my spinktal zone using metallic brushes and very little decorum …

I saw my dignity spill out on the floor like melon paste.

I saw the future of this fungus swamp.

I am the Nicholas Cage of Fat Brandos …

… for I say …

Thrumbian beast-wives are laying siege to your g-zone.

They shall disguise themselves as ice cream maidens, carrying chocolate delight …

Spreading their herpetic laughter as krankus-loons carry away unloved children to the valley of Morbis.

And that is HOW you get ANTS!

“ants in general”

Ants are in synchrony …

your mind is your own disease pool

you can’t understand how many parasites live in your mouth, feeding on old decaying Sausage McMuffin stuff in your craw ..

and the ants will feed on what’s left of your sadness

no way home for you

… I have memories too …

I remember when the water didn’t make my tongue bleed.

I remember when my food would still be kind of alive the day I bought it … or at least it hadn’t been dead for 87 years.

I remember when all the mungis slaves got 4 bowls of rice slurry a day.


2:41 PM

The sky is the color of v’lantozian ale …

I taste the salts of Tyre, and I can see the great wheel grinding all souls to dust before the H’rontian Kings of Old …

And yet my own splinktus is filled with pus and my mind is a bee hive of twisted ideas?

And you offer DORITOS?


2:26 PM

“stone soup”

By 2028, the soup will be filled with flies and maggots and dead furry things …

Only J’org’ian Overlords would eat of the slurry first …

Only the lucky slept through the night without anal explosions … blood and bile … yellow and red.



10:15 AM

If I’m right about the location AND amount of NAZI gold in Canada? – that means I run the risk of starting some weird L Ron Hubbard style death-cult …

(so maybe it’s better if there isn’t any gold)


10:10 AM

The TROOPS … if they are coming home?

It is to deliver vaccinations …


10:08 AM

I was just imagineering …

I don’t know for certain, just whimsical consciousness magnets …

I thought about it yesterday, and then I looked at canada, and I circled this: #canada #nazi #gold


9:39 AM

Have you heard of the furry alligator?

It lives in Canada?


It feeds off the greases of dead whales and moldy old cats …

LSR Notes: 9/11/20

9: 41 AM


7:03 AM


6:13 AM


5:39 AM

The story of 9/11 …

1. You buy a CAMARO you can’t afford.

2. You won’t admit you are broke.

3. You take out insurance on the CAMARO.

4. You set fire to CAMARO.

5. You blame half your neighbors for CAMARO damage.

6. You invade these homes, steal shit, murder families.

“Who’s gonna pay for the CAMARO?” – President Bush, Sept 12th, 2001 …


5:31 AM

“I’m really glad Trump took that #Syrian oil …”

“So you’re ok if I squat your rental and force you to use guns and men to make me leave? And some of them will probably die, and they have families?”

“You’re racist …”

(and scene)

It’s funny how many #MAGA heads decry theft …

Except when it comes to stealing other nation’s shit.

(then it’s ok)

LSR Notes: 9/10/20

9:30 PM 9/10/20

Most of the crombo-freaks think someone or something from outerspace is going to save them in some non-cis-gendered de-genderfied intersectional way …

but that’s NOT going to happen …

the aliens will kill you freaks FIRST …


5:57 PM 9/10/20

what if you’re at your wit’s end?

you see enemies everywhere …

and your paranoia is like an aetheric residue that covers all your world with yellow and pasty bullshit pain …

(and mad thoughts of NAZI gold in Canada, somewhere …)

What if that’s what’s going on?


5:30 PM 9/10/20

Spoon bending?

Just someone tell me why I should care, even if it’s real?


5:18 PM 9/10/20

I am the herald …

I will show you the path of the coming storm.

My heart was broken by the ANT Lords of 2345 BC.

I conquered my heart, and then conquered my lovers ….

Every grain of salt is owned by T’lebian of Roog …

Your mind is saucy.

All the land is dead.

Homer? – was a transient … a homeless dude.

And the poems he retold? – the story of a dumpster fire …


5:09 PM 9/10/20

by the year 2037, you will be known as Duke Jork …

Your realm will comprise a region of swamps and forests and rivers and old nuclear reactor sites …

You will have fists made of steel, and a heart of rip-rap …

And nothing you do will fail …

And all gold will flow 2U.

but like Alexander the Great? – love will be your undoing.


5:05 PM 9/10/20

In August of 1993, I was working on a ship in the gulf of Alaska. We were in port, in Juneau, one day – and me and some dudes from the ship snuck onto a cruise ship, by shimmying up the bow line, we were really drunk, we got on, went down crew quarters, pretended to be passengers


4:37 PM 9/10/20

I think I might be a psychic detective …

(if someone pays me enough money)


4:22 PM 9/10/20

Bicyclists wearing masks ….

I see a LOT of that in #Seattle.

I saw an idiot, pumping the bike pedals, going up hill, in the sun, wearing a mask …

(too absurd to even respond to)

Runners: wearing masks …

I wear the nasty old one when I have to, it’s covered in dried blood and mucous and death …

the mask I use is so gross now? – it’s turning brownish/red ….

and yet the PCC checkout wench wanted that on my face … despite the mold vapor I was pushing her way … she preferred the killer mold and dried blood and other stuff to me NOT having that dirty mask on …


8:13 AM 9/10/20

IF I live to DAY 133 post “big flush”?

Sometimes that’s what I call it … the “big flush”.

If I do? – I will be known as Vindoz, the Harbinger of Rain Sharks …

I will organize the drumbian-folk of sector 5 (Ballard, Seattle) into klumpet gangs, armed with lead pipes, fury