WHEN: NOON, 12/25/20, Christmas Day

WHERE: The Capitol Steps, Olympia, WA … on the CAPITOL STEPS … (Inslee BE DAMNED!)


… and …

Governor Inslee is a TYRANT!

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LSR Notes: 11/22/20

10:23 PM

Weird tremors and bangs, for several months now …

I was thinking it was sub-surface tunneling … but …

What if this noise is methane deposit explosions, at the bottom of the sea, in the Puget Sound and off the coast of WA/OR?


9:34 PM

Flying Monkeys, of the last couple years, to date:

  1. Revelations of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange
  2. Revelations of pedophilia among the powerful
  3. The repo market disruption
  4. The impeachment
  5. The “monkey herpes” (covid)
  6. The Race War: aka Black Lives Matter
  7. The election

What is the next flyinng monkey?

  1. Civil War
  2. WW3 and nuclear war
  3. Clathrate Gun
  4. NWO “Great Reset” takeover
  5. Bill Gates’ medical tyranny dystopia? (Covid-19 part 2)


9:31 PM

I know people that believe in the “American Dream”, or what I call the hamster wheel.

“If you work really hard, it will all pay off …” – sometimes.

“If you work really hard, you will be able to ‘retire’ at 72 …” – not likely.

The hamster wheel is rigged …

(soon it will pop off its mounting)


4:25 PM

The Beecher's Cheese For All | Seattle Magazine
Ben Garrison | Know Your Meme


3:47 PM

When you think of all the evil deeds going unpunished?

When you think of the pedos and the real estate con artists and the financial engineer scumbag thieves?

The bankers?

The poison peddlers (like Bill Gates)?

Think of Ecclesiastes 8:11


2:45 PM

Look for the contradictions, that’s how you will find the lying …

Look for the fool … the “fool”? – in propaganda theory, this is the person you choose, as the controller, to represent the problem you DON’T want people thinking about or taking seriously …

Al Gore?

Greta Thunberg?

These are paid fools.


10:33 AM

Watching the “Trailer Park Boys” …

(it’s like cleaning the palate of the mind)


10:00 AM

LSR Notes: 11/21/20

6:06 PM

The “Great Reset” or “Big Reset” is BULLSHIT …

It is another illusion, designed to confuse, gaslight, and dismay.


4:36 PM

Don’t you DARE use logic or mathematics to dispute the “COVID” myths …



3:39 PM

I’m not crazy – what I’m seeing is NOT condensation from high bypass
turbojet engines.

Sun came out today, this morning? – and blammo … spraying.

Odds that this is Ozone layer related? – I’d say 65%.

Odds that this is related to the general weather program? – I’d say 80%.

Odds that this is natural or that Russian pilots are allowed to paint
penises post 9/11? – 0%.



2:45 PM


1:30 PM

Prayer to Overcome Weakness and Temptation …

My Lord Jesus Christ,

You were tempted by the Devil, but You knew him to be a fool: why are so many blind to this?

You ask for our faith, but many reject faith in favor of convenient lies, flattering compliments, and promises of secular utopia.

God, You ask for our faith and it is all You ask, but that burden is heavy now.

Before the powers of mankind, the servants of Satan, we must rebuke EVIL and do so WITHOUT FEAR!

We must maintain our faith, as Daniel did in the lion’s den, as Israel did in the desert being led by Moses, and as Abraham was willing to do in service to our Lord.

Dark spirits track us, demons haunt our nights …

We are scattered in a land not of our own, we have been driven from our place of peace, our churches, and our communities become desolate, cold, friendless and hateful.

In this long night of the soul, we could so easily forget our Lord – but now is the time WE CANNOT …

Through every age God’s people are tested!

In every life our faith is tested!

In times of plenty, we are expected to be on guard against evil!

In times of famine and plague and fear, we are expected to keep our faith in God!

In Your name, Jesus Christ, we serve!


Your faith will be tested, but you will NOT be abandoned …

  1. First Reading: Psalm 112
  2. Greetings/Announcements: Christmas Day 2020 … we should worship together, in private in need be, but in public if possible … we should grab our bibles, and our love for Christ, and meet at the Capitol in Olympia. Friday, December 25th, Noon … at the capitol steps in Olympia. To celebrate our Lord’s birth.
  3. Second Reading: 1 Kings 9:1-9
  4. Third Reading: Genesis 22:1-18
  5. Prayer to Overcome Weakness and Temptation
  6. Fourth Reading: Matthew 21: 33-45
  7. Of faith and weakness and hope in Christ: the story of my friend and her family … great and evil things are afoot … in this land lies and liars are spreading … the hearts of the faithful are broken … It seems as if this night will never end … but there is a light. Jesus left us the Holy Spirit, and we are not abandoned. God becomes angry, God senses the evil of his children, AND WE ARE NOT ABANDONED. The name of the most holy is profaned while the Devil is resurrected in the hearts of many, AND WE ARE NOT ABANDONED. It will become hard to protect the body, the things, the stuff … your land will be taken … your children threatened … as Lot before the unholy throng of Sodom. The faithful in Christ will be torn from their families and persecuted … and in all this? – WE ARE NOT ABANDONED! The greatest glory of Christ IS IN THE BODY of HIS CHURCH – WHEN WE CHOOSE TO NOT ABANDON EACH OTHER TO THE MACHINATIONS of EVIL MEN and WOMEN!
  8. Meditation for those whose faith is being tested
  9. Lord’s Prayer
  10. Blessings

LSR Notes: 11/20/20

11:01 AM

Went for a walk …

Saw a man with a child … the man had on a mask, so did the kid … the kid looked 4 years old.

I wanted to punch the dude in the face – because THIS is child abuse.

But he’s just one of the Satanic freaks inhabiting Seattle now …

Just one of thousands of soulless fucks.

LSR Notes: 11/19/20

8:07 PM

“Human meat steaks, for you and your family … human meat steaks for $7.99 …” – Satan



9:40 AM

That little wasp woke up just long enough to die.

(this will be true for many in the near future)


9:29 AM

My feelz … these days.


9:19 AM



8:54 AM

Wasps and hornets …

Waking up …

Outside my window …

Like it’s Springtime …

(but it’s not)

(the small amount of HIGH UV-C sunlight we got 20 minutes ago triggered that response)

(that ozone layer … working so good these days)


7:55 AM

Parents offering up their children to Moloch in worship …

Parents allowing their kid’s brains to slowly starve of oxygen with this mask-topia …

And you might wonder what curses are coming?

As you mine bitcoin?

LSR Notes: 11/18/20

9:09 PM

Loans for bicycles …




8:01 PM

“food fights”

A cultural phenomena, in the coming years, that will be difficult to explain to kids …


10:22 AM

The rhinos …

Elephants and tigers …

Bears, skunks, other road kill …

Any dead panda or monkey from some fucking experiment …

Homeless people that go missing …


Is being chopped into the taco meat …


7:34 AM

I live on a N-S flight path for SEATAC (and probably JBLM) …

I’ve been hearing non-stop traffic, at night, and during the day, for several days/nights now …

The “cloud cover” has been so thick, there’s been no way to identify aircraft type.

However …

(probably geo-engineering craft)

(probably clathrate gun is going off)

(dark, dark chaos is descending upon us … soon)

Maybe it’s just the rapid re-deployment of troops back home …

Some awful is about to happen, and they need the troops for crowd control …

(and the AWFUL is NOT covid … never was covid)


7:23 AM

“Dark Winter”

Yeah … I don’t think they use these words randomly. I think THEY fucked things up pretty good … and THEY are hoping we don’t notice till it’s too late. Given that the climate engineering shit they are dropping on us is lowering atmospheric oxygen as well … ?

Any wonder there are “wear your mask at home” orders?

Any wonder there are morons willing to do this?

The solution to the great mystery of “no armed uprising”: apathy due to brain damage

(lobotomy from the sky)

LSR Notes: 11/17/20

2:06 PM

I have lung-grumpf …

… co-bimbulii …

Sectus-hrong of the inner spinctus zone …

Dr Grunkis recommends diesel fuel …


1:37 PM

“Government: not very smart, but often big and dangerous …” – Dr. Freckles


1:33 PM

Chemical burns from endothermics scar my lungs …

BAD UV-C fries my cells, when the clouds do clear … because the NOZONE layer … is … well … NOZONE …

And the insects I do see? – are appearing at the wrong time of year.

(but the weather is fine in Seattle)


1:22 PM

We just had Springtime like showers … and when the sun came out? – felt like I was being cooked inside out … in Seattle … in November.

Next week is “Cancelled Thanksgiving” …

“Dark Winter”


8:49 AM

We’re cancelling Thanksgiving … but are we cancelling the WARS?

We’re cancelling Christmas … but are we cancelling the Bank of America funded Black Lives Matter commie freaks?

We’re cancelling Church and hugs and kisses … and basic humanity …

We’re cancelling everything, except EVIL.

LSR Notes: 11/16/20

9:18 AM

There is nothing in the human condition of life on Earth that is greater than God.

There is nothing of worldliness or Earthly gains that transcends our duty to Christ.

If you don’t get this? – you are damned …

If you don’t get this? – the coming time will be rougher on you.

(it will be rough on everyone)

(but it will be rougher on you)


9:05 AM

Governor Jay Inslee is LITERALLY the Grinch …

(but the Grinch has redemption)

(I think Inslee has a meeting with 5 guys in a basement with lead pipes and plenty of time)