A list of Psyop “Trauma Monkeys” … (1865-2021)

Trauma Monkey: a psyop involving a real, partially real, or completely manufactured event. The “event” or “phenomena” is one they can de-emphasize, but they don’t. They showcase it … the horror, the problem, the corruption and sin … but there is no resolution, only an open psychic wound. Trauma monkeys can be composed of other, smaller trauma-monkeys … Trauma-monkeys interact with each other, synergistically: like the COVID and the RACE WAR … the COVID enabled FULLY MASKED marches, and this allowed for the easy reuse of paid actors … YES … ANTIFA folks played BOOG folks played BLM folks PLAYED YOU … many of us were played. A trauma-monkey is also a “project” in the context of some agency … and that’s up to you to think on. Trauma monkeys can go away, and come back … like the “Chinese Murder Hornet” or “Climate Change” or “Terrorists” or “Drug Epidemics”.

I exclude some things, like the “cold war” or the world wars – not be cause they weren’t traumatic and scary and statist engineered: they were … but they were, in and of themselves, the “thing” … and, I guess, recursively, every “thing” could be someone else’s trauma monkey …

This is NOT a definitive list … I was just wanting to “straighten out” my thoughts on this (as of 3/22/21). I’m sure many of you, even if you agreed with me, could probably provide a better list …


At best: this is a formalized conjecture …

  1. Link to PDF of the VERY non-scientific analysis: https://dfgtc.org/docs/20210322_trauma_monkey_spreadsheet.pdf
  2. Link to ODS file (Libre Office) if you want to update it, play with it … AS IF I GIVE A FUCK … you trauma monkeys …: https://dfgtc.org/docs/trauma_monkey_spreadsheet_20210322.ods

Conjecture: that the world, and especially the USA, has been exposed to an EXTREME amount of psychological warfare since February 2020. Moreover, the deep state was probably ramping this up beginning in 2016 with the “election” of Donald Trump.

once MONKEY-A figured out how to fuck with MONKEY-B … and steal MONKEY-A’s food or girlfriend/boyfriend? – it was all over … government was coming next.


Who knows … some people develop theories, based on open source materials: internet, media, journalism, etc …

But if they were THAT powerful, why would they let themselves be seen?

How do we know Bill Gates and George Soros aren’t just front men for something deeper, uglier? Lots of these “executors” … but I don’t know that they represent “the guy”.

Even the FED and the BANKS – superficial nonsense?

If they can do something LIKE THIS, manipulate billions of people with mind control, it seems like they’d be smart enough to stay hidden.


a) perhaps to trigger mass waves of madness

b) perhaps as a way to cover up some coming calamity

c) since some of these “lesser monkeys” seem completely stupid, it looks like (as of March 2021) they are getting desperate … bottom of the barrel stuff.

d) Kill lots of people

e) RESET/NWO: … maybe … but Humpty Dumpty DOES NOT HAVE a “reset” switch

f) my greatest fear: the infinite gray NOTHING … and perhaps, in this sense, the United States of America, since 1787, has been a continuous PSYOP, non-linear in intensity, building over time, with episodic spikes … and the data I supply doesn’t quite grab that.


  1. Covid-19 (fear mongering began with DISEASE X articles in 2018 and is ongoing)
  2. Race War / BLM / Antifa (begins in 2017 and is ongoing)
  3. Chinese Murder Hornet (first shows up in 2013 … and then intermittently to fuck with people)
  4. Donald Trump (begins 2015 and is ongoing)
  5. Russia, Russia, Russia (begins 2014 and is ongoing)
  6. Iran, Iran, Iran (begins 1979 and is ongoing)
  7. Kavanaugh Nomination (2018)
  8. Epstein Suicide (2019)
  9. China, China, China (2014 and is ongoing – see Obama’s “pivot towards Asia” bullshit)
  10. Illegal Immigration/immigration (this has been an ongoing trauma monkey since the 1920’s)
  11. Coin Shortage (May/June 2020)
  12. Impeaching Trump post election loss (Feb/March 2021)
  13. Having an OBVIOUSLY mentally ill man as president – and no attempt to hide this (2020 and ongoing)
  14. Ellen Page / Elliot Page – and the “gender transformation” wars. (2020 and ongoing)
  15. Fear Mongering Climate Change (1989 and is ongoing)
  16. Vaccinations (2020 and ongoing)
  17. Vaccination Passports (2020 and ongoing)
  18. Commie bullshit (see BLM) (ongoing since 1917)
  19. Snowden/Assange Revelations (ongoing since 2010)
  20. Pedo Revelations (ongoing since 2016)
  21. Gamestop and other “financial battles” (to include silver and pm’s) (2021)
  22. Gun Control (since 1865 and ongoing)
  23. 1/6 … “the insurrection” (2021)
  24. 5G … “better call saul” (2015 to 2020)
  25. Singularity and Robot Apocalypse (1956 to the present)
  26. Social Media Censorship (2006 to the present)
  27. Demonizing Homeless People (1929 to the present)
  28. War between the Sexes (since 1960’s and ongoing)
  29. Ghislain Maxwell (2020-2021)
  30. Crypto / BITCOIN (since 2009 and ongoing)
  31. Precious Metal Manipulation (since 2008 and ongoing) [see crypto]
  32. Flat Earth (2015 and ongoing)
  33. Clathrate GUN (2011 and ongoing)
  34. Dane Wigington, the “covid”, and his explanations for the spraying (since 2013 and ongoing)
  35. Pope Francis (since 2013 and ongoing)
  36. Toilet Paper Shortage (2020)
  37. War on Drugs (1970 and ongoing)
  38. War on Terror (2001 and ongoing)
  39. EMP (2000 and ongoing)
  40. Comet Collision (1970 and ongoing)
  41. Y2K (1992-2000)
  42. Aliens (1890 and ongoing)
  43. Weird Biden EO’s and “taxes” … “tax you by the mile”
  44. Celebrity Satanism (2016 and ongoing)
  45. Suez Canal Blocked by Ever Given (2021)
  46. Celebrity College Admissions Scandal (2020/2021)
  47. Eating bugs … only 4 lbs of red meat a year … (2016-2021)
  48. Coming for your Menthols … (KOOL/NEWPORT) (2021)
  49. “Pipeline Incident” (2021)
  50. Apu is a race crime (2021)

Upcoming trauma monkeys (maybe):

  1. Amish Attack (some FED assault for some cooked up reason, probably drugs)
  2. Biden Dies of Covid
  3. Michelle Obama will be Vice President by December 2021.