WRMI – Planetary Status Report: Show Notes

Show #1: They are driving us Crazy! (3/20/21 – 5950 Khz, 11 PM EST)

Show #2: NOT WHAT YOU EXPECTED! (3/27/21 – 5950 Khz, 11 PM EST)

Show #3: Talking Freedom and Community with Jim Davidson (3/28/21 – 5950 Khz, 11 PM EST)

Show #4: MOVING TO UTAH! (4/3/21 – 5950 Khz, 11 PM EST)

Show #5: HE IS RISEN! (4/4/21 – 5950 Khz, 11 PM EST)

Show #6: Welcome to UTAH! (4/10/21 – 5950 kHz, 11 PM EST, 3 AM UTC)

Show #7: BROTHER SCARE! (4/11/21 – 5950 kHz, 11 PM EST, 3 AM UTC)

Show #8: MORMON BEER! (4/17/21 – 5950 kHz, 11 PM EST, 3 AM UTC on 4/18)

Show #9: CRISIS in the ROCKIES! (4/18/21 – 5950 kHz, 11 PM EST 4/18, 3 AM UTC 4/19)

Show #10: THE DATE! (4/24/21 – 5950 kHz, 11 PM EST 4/24 or 3 AM UTC on 4/25)

About Dan …

Daniel Sullivan (“Dan” aka “Dr. Freckles”) has been blogging, micro-blogging, posting and podcasting for almost 10 years.

Dan has been a soldier, a sailor, a student of history, a writer, philosopher, a hobo shaman and internet style street preacher …

Since 2018, the Little Saigon Report, of Seattle, (iamsully.com) has been informing, entertaining, and helping people to smile in the face of bizarre and treacherous times. The Little Saigon Report will continue, but a new show, with no profanity (or bleep’d out), will be airing ON SHORT WAVE on SATURDAY NIGHTS @ 11 PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME! ON WRMI!

This show will have guests periodically, hard hitting conversations, discussions and generalized rants on the nature of this strange planet … NO TOPIC IS TOO SCARY!

So TUNE IN … to stay “tuned in”.

Frequency: 5950 Khz (but double check WRMI scheduling page and broadcast information)

WARNING: all non-radio broadcast podcasts can, and often DO, contain adult content and COARSE LANGUAGE. EXPLICIT CONTENT in the NON BROADCAST .mp3/podcast files I make available.


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