NOTIFICATION UPDATE(1/17/21): I am looking for Christians and those interested in Christianity to meet for a service, perhaps this month or next. If you can, email me and we can do more coordination.


My name is Daniel John Sullivan, and I am the primary organizer behind the Virtual Church of Little Saigon.

I’ve had different jobs … soldier … computer programmer … project manager …. I’ve probably seen as much or as little of the world as most people. If it weren’t for this cruel dystopia, I would not be doing THIS: trying to organize Christians for WORSHIP in Seattle. Seattle? Of all places …

I do not believe the pandemic as described is real …

I do not believe there is some great “race war” or enmity among the “races”. THERE IS ONLY ONE RACE – the Human Race … God’s race of Men and Women.

I do believe in Jesus.

I do believe in the power of faith, prayer and service to the Lord.

I am here to serve as a brother in Jesus and this is what I’m trying to do with the Virtual Church of Little Saigon … I endeavor to be a better Christian.

I am a sinner, as are many of you …

I have my struggles with the Devil.

But I believe my voice is directed by the Holy Spirit to minister to my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.


  1. My contact info:
  2. I will try to facilitate a weekly outdoor service (30 minutes) at 12th AVE Square Park on 12th Ave, not far from Seattle University, every Sunday at 11 AM. There are no facilities, so if you need any resources, please pray and do what you can to find these.
  3. Complete outdoor service schedule:
  4. All the services so far …
  5. Services on YOUTUBE:
  6. Services on Sound Cloud:
  7. Donations, if you can afford it (which means you’ve taken care of food, water, shelter, the people you love), then please help as much as you can.
  8. Please print out and post this wherever you can (black and white is fine):



Other arrangements for donations: email