Written over the entrance of the “camp”: FOMO …

  1. Tell the fuckers there is “something cool” in the suicide booth.
  2. Tell the fuckers, “hey … your friends are already AT the camps …”
  3. Tell the fuckers there’s a “good deal on bitcoin”, but you have to “grab that lever”.
  4. Tell the fuckers “you can get free pizza, but you have to take this vaccine”.
  5. Tell the fuckers the VACCINE will give them “super powers” …

But people can be driven/controlled, if you understand what the desire and FEAR.

And “fomo” is how a lot of people could be killed.


Stop bitching about the homeless, especially if you’re a “leveraged home buyer” …

  1. smart devices: subsidized
  2. internet: subsidized
  3. electricity: subsidized
  4. house flipping economy: subsidized
  5. agriculture: subsidized
  6. weapons industry: subsidized
  7. healthcare industry: subsidized
  8. auto industry: protected AND subsidized AND TOO BIG TO FAIL, right mother fucker?

Do I really need to keep going?

Are you going to keep complaining about this or that subsidy?

This or that loan forgiveness?

(maybe the whole fucking system is rotten)

If a violent civil war erupted? It would be JUST AS LIKELY that the lines would be drawn around “muh subsidy”:

  1. agro-subsidy KLAN
  2. real-estate-flipper-subsidy KLAN
  3. social-security-boomer KLAN
  4. early-child-care KLAN
  5. school-lunches KLAN
  6. inner-city-barely alive KLAN
  7. government-worker-pension KLAN
  8. military-vet KLAN


Sorry Uhura …


STAR TREK failed US!

Think about all the crap left to fix. Space-time polluted with overly done existential time-travel “am I a real boy” one-offs? The fucking “prime directive” shit … fuck … all they did was make things worse, more douchee …

2007 and David, and the WAR on TERROR …

Here’s a nice AFGHANISTAN story:

  1. a dude serves there, for a year or two
  2. has severe PTSD from guarding heroin shacks and poppy fields and probably shipping kids out for who the fuck knows what
  3. he comes back home, can’t find work
  4. he gets hooked on heroin, overdoses

“With the Afghanistan TEST? – The moment you invade, you fail.” – Dr. Freckles

I’m starting to think that “Afghanistan” is some convoluted Masonic ritual …

“You think you have an empire now, eh?”

“Yeah … sure …”

“Then you need to go to Afghanistan …”

“A watched capitol never falls …” – Dr. Freckles

Leadership …

“Leadership IS NOT the STATE … learn that lesson fast.” – Dr. Freckles

Remembering the past …

“Fiction is the best way to remember your past, because that’s what it is … anyways …” – Dr. Freckles

Government success …

“The only way to fail in a government job is to do the right thing.” – Dr. Freckles