PSR #55: The Quiet Civil War (continued)


The Quiet Civil War (continued)

  1. Since at least March of 2020, the world has been exposed to a series of managed psychological warfare operations, to include: The Election, BLM/Antifa Race War, and my favorite – the COVID-19 MONKEY HERPES.
  2. The core message of these psyops: stay home, do nothing, wait
  3. One of the effects of these psyops is to trigger adrenal fatigue and burnout on a population wide scale, this could be disastrous to many communities.
  4. Because the effects of these psyops is damaging, various groups are beginning to reject it.
  5. The credibility of the Federal Government is threatened.
  6. I believe many lower level state, county, city, officials are beginning to say “no” to commands from above.


The cats helped us with the carbs, the dogs helped us with the keto/paleo shit.

Thank you Storz and Bickel … for the VOLCANO.

You make a product that works, and works amazingly well.



“The vaccine helped my dad die …”


The secret mystery of the flat tryke tire fiasco …

We need to solve the mystery …

The flow …

“Life is a flow, why would you obstruct it?” – Dr. Freckles

The best people …

“The best people you will ever meet are the ones living closest to the ground.” – Dr. Freckles

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