Get what keeps you barely alive …

“You can’t always get what you want … but if you try REAL HARD? – you can get what keeps you barely alive.” – Dr. Freckles

Liberty has leverage …

“What if 60% of a free man’s productive work is always going to be 9,000% better than a slave? -liberty has leverage – the only good kind.” – Dr. Freckles

Faith in your enemies …

“I have to believe in my enemies to believe in the blockchain.” – Dr. Freckles

  1. The de-centralized system depends upon HIGHLY CENTRALIZED INFRASTRUCTURE and computer manufacturing.
  2. The blockchain guarantees a financial record, in perpetuity, that only requires matching a UNIQUE public key to: ip address, shopper’s card, credit card, mobile device, your TESLA, I can keep going …
  3. The de-centralized bullshit depends on ignorance: because it is NOT really de-centralized, and it is NOT really peer-to-peer. The poly-centric network, managed by “trustworthy” miners, needs to RUN YOUR TRANSACTION … and then some coffee shop asshole gets paid. Crypto depends on public schools, because they produce ignoramuses.
  4. THE IRS (as long as it exists) LOVES THE BLOCKCHAIN … loves it.
  5. Unless you are manufacturing your own CPUs, there is NO WAY you can make your computer secure … you can have the illusion of security … but that’s it. You can disconnect it from all networks – and disable the internal bus architecture that allows the CIA/Mossad sub-processor to burst over TCP/IP to some socket end point … you hearing me key logger? If crypto people are serious? – they need to start making all their own computers from the ground up … but that takes effort.
  6. I’ll stop here …

Thanos and Negan …

It would be nice, right about now …



A roll of 100’s …

If a few months, you’ll go to the cash machine, and get a roll of 100’s that you wear on your belt or codpiece.

“One coffee …”

“That’ll be $600 Sir …”

“OK, TAKE THIS, AND SCREW YOU!”, will be the customary saying.

Coil guns …


BWR and Heat Waves


Giving a shit …

  1. You have plenty of time.
  2. We need this now or we run out of time.


Somewhere, off the coast of Seattle, below the deep sea surface … in a cavern.


“The internet is the worst hooker/stripper lounge, covered in crabs.” – Dr. Freckles

When I was a kid, there were these “going out of business sales” … yeah (we’ve discussed this before)

Here is your meditational phrase:

“While supplies last …”