PSR #53: What would you do?


  1. There is no easy answer to this question: everyone needs to evaluate this for themselves.
  2. I stick to my guns: I believe the reason for all the psyops is chiefly because the federal government is collapsing, the empire is falling apart.
  3. I do NOT suggest engaging with cops or CIA/FBI backed street commies (who are often protected by cops). But, I also don’t suggest letting ANYONE commit public assassinations in your neighborhood.
  4. Clearly, if you have kids you need to consider this.
  5. And if your neighbor’s house was on fire, and if you had kids? And there was no chance the fire department would/could show up in time, what would you do?
  6. Do we have an absolute obligation to care for our neighbors? – no.
  7. Would I like to live in a community where people felt an obligation to care about their neighbors, and to step in, perhaps, if they are being publicly executed? – yes.