PSR #49: Have confidence in your SELF!



“Have confidence in yourself, and fuck the institutions.” – Dr. Freckles



  1. Imagine a place of sparkling dreams.
  2. Imagine a horgen-land where hookers roam free.
  3. Imagine that one day … You will be known as Woodyne the Clever Vergin-Lord. Your klan will range between Mississippi and New Mexico. You will be chased by the mud-witches of Indiana and harassed by the crogen-slores of Michigan. But you will live life fullest, and with savory meals.
  4. Imagine a time of pistols and rockets and swords and codpieces and women named Terri.
  5. Imagine a world of tubes … lots of tubes.
  6. Imagine, if you will, being sent to mars to remake sectors 3 and 9 in the model of the Toblick-Commune of the Gringus-Faction on Tlobus-33?
  7. Imagine you were the commander of a powerful sky ship, a giant vacuum ship. A ship using repelling magnetic forces to create internal, and zero mass, structure for the vacuum envelope? Magnetic force VS the force of the vacuum. As a near-space commodore with a super vacuum dirigible battle cruiser … you will find love and romance at 30 miles up. You will wage war against the large breasted Dooblin-Klan of the North. You can chase the sexy sprites of the Asian-Sky-Block … Imagine.
  8. Imagine you were dying … you had been poisoned by the Uulian Knights, and their ghastly schemes are unfolding … your torgic-slog is undulating your xirgen-stick, but this does nothing to ease your pain. Pus is flowing from your anus. Your eyes are yellow, your stool is turning blue … imagine that.

Help …

“The best help is voluntary, the worst help is at the point of a gun.” – Dr. Freckles

The last grift …

if crypto is so independent of the “system” and protected from “it”?

  1. why are so many banks starting to promote it?
  2. why is any of the “infrastructure bill” dedicated to it?
  3. why would any fucking crypto people have lobbyists? (and they do)
  4. and have the crypto people built their own internet, power grid, yet?

Seems like the last grift.

Nukes don’t exist …

This argument may not be original. It simply occurred to me, today, when I was thinking about the U.S. government.

  1. Fact: Nukes have been around for 75 years.
  2. Fact: Hydrogen bombs have been around for almost 70 years.
  3. Assumption: all government is incompetent, the US government is very incompetent
  4. Assumption: many folks who choose to serve are actual patriots and understand the Bill of Rights and the idea that this was supposed to be a constitutional republic and not some shitty tyranny. Perhaps millions, who have served, felt this way.
  5. Assumption: military people understand cost/benefit calculus.
  6. Assumption: a lot of military folks, post 9/11, feel abandoned by their government. Many have watched their friends die, overdosing on heroin, they helped guard, for the CIA, for the crooks, while stationed in Afghanistan.
  7. Fact: there were thousands upon thousands of nukes manufactured in many countries since the 1950’s. The likelihood that all these nukes is accounted for is ZERO.

To me, the most elegant proof that “nukes don’t exist” would be that “WA DC still does”. If nukes existed, some guy would have vaporized that city YEARS AGO. It never happened. It is statistical, it is guaranteed to happen that these systems fail. In the history of warfare all weapons get used on enemies MORE THAN FUCKING TWICE. Chemical warfare, biological warfare – still a thing today.

Then there’s the “Mother of all Bombs” bullshit, which makes little to no sense if you have tactical nukes – which they claim they do.

The most elegant proof that nukes don’t exist: WA DC still does … If nukes were real, a brave and honorable US marine would have shlupped a nuke into that wretched city, maybe give the people 12 hours to get out … I dunno. Seems like no one should build anything on a swamp

“If nukes exist, WA DC shouldn’t. ERGO: nukes don’t exist.” – Dr. Freckles

Temporal/Causal Motion Sickness …

We are very close to one of the scariest parts of the Great Discontinuity … Imagine the temporal/causal equivalent of motion sickness … This is one of the reasons they are DDOS the 3rd eye – they don’t want you to have a way, any way, to see what’s coming.

Evolution of the brain …

  1. Bacteria brain: ALL HAIL LORD DRUNGIS!
  2. Amphibian brain: the king sucks
  3. Monkey brain: the GOP sucks
  4. Neanderthal brain: I will be LIBERTARIAN
  5. Homo Sapiens brain: All parties suck
  6. Next level brain: I need to focus on my own life, and others should focus on theirs, and let’s come together, voluntarily, to solve problems.