PSR #47: IT is NEAR …


Fear …

  1. People should not live in fear.
  2. People should avoid internalizing fears provided TO THEM from their government.
  3. Fear is also a compass, if it is working correctly – it can point you in the direction of a threat.
  4. They have been saturation bombing the 3rd eye, why?
  5. They are acting like they don’t care if people start collapsing, dying, going insane, from adrenal fatigue.
  6. They have created psyops designed to KEEP PEOPLE AT HOME … and doing nothing. “Q” cult was that … perfectly done.
  7. They do not control the schedule.
  8. This was triggered BEFORE event 201.
  9. It is near.

Selling defeat …

“The willingness to fight for your liberty and your dignity, to the point of death, with WHATEVER FUCKING WEAPON YOU CAN FIND OR STEAL … that’s the fucking difference between a freeman and a slave.” – Dr. Freckles