Agorist Emergency Network …


“That’s not fish …”


Powerlessness porn, and WILL …

“If your ideal shot takes too long? – you’re dead.” – Dr. Freckles

There is a lot of crap on social media describing how IMPOSSIBLE it is for ordinary people to defend themselves, to stand up for themselves … sadly, a lot of this comes from “freedom movement” folks. Many want your “exit cafe” to be the nonsense surrounding crypto, and that’s easy enough to see through.

A lot of folks will say … if you “can’t shoot that gun perfectly” … then you shouldn’t use it. Bullshit. The history firearms literally tells a different story. So let’s talk reality:

  1. The person willing to use any weapon first wins.
  2. The person willing to kill first wins.
  3. Most people don’t want to kill, this is actually a good thing.
  4. A large caliber weapon, center of mass, is simply easier than trying for the “head shot”.
  5. There is a reason they teach “center of mass” in the military.
  6. If it’s a large enough caliber, and low enough velocity? – even with armor, the assailant will be knocked down.
  7. Don’t fucking hesitate.
  8. And yes: train, as much as you are able.

But it’s scary for many, even so called liberty folks, to admit the state might be disintegrating …

So many “plans and paradigms” are based on this mass of grifters and parasites lasting forever …

The psyops, plural, is part of this …

Once you admit it’s all fake bullshit, then you have to ask WHY:

  1. Why would they demolition human civilization via adrenal fatigue?
  2. Why would they act as if NO CONSEQUENCES exist?
  3. If they could keep doing the baby-raping shit they’ve been doing, WHY THE FUCK would it stop?


The state of mind where suggesting someone is delusional causes them to “flip their lid” and go nutz and probably become dangerous.

Orangutan …

“Liberty people” promoting STATE FEAR … (harping on this again)

So tired of “liberty folks” who sell the “government or whoever is super powerful” narrative …

  1. this paralyzes people
  2. it produces nihilism
  3. it leads to people just “posting memes” and waiting to die

We need to stop this if we support liberty, or become nihilists or join a party or form your own unstoppable cabal …

Ask me about the guns that went missing while I was on active duty?

Cholmae range, and the PVT with no ammo guarding the stingers?

How many .50 cal heavy machine guns would you need to paralyze #Seattle? How many snipers? – a hunter is just a sniper, waiting for another job. You think these “cops and soldiers” are Bruce Lee, because the movies make it seem that way.

(but that could be bullshit too)

1997 …

Coastal missile range, S. Korea, near a Korean fishing village – little to no security … none on the ocean side.

The private guarding the missiles? – a weapon, with no ammo.

(and my friends told me shit has gotten WORSE)

(tell me again about the unstoppable cabal?)

Cigs …

I need to start smoking cigarettes again …

The oldest con …

“If prostitution is the oldest profession, government is the oldest con.” – Dr. Freckles

Positive attitude …

“No amount of positive attitude removes a knife from your skull.” – Dr. Freckles

A smile …

“A smile from another is like being kicked in the nads.” – Dr. Freckles