LSR Notes: 9/3/20-9/4/20

12:33 AM 9/4/20

Food prices?

this is only going to get worse.

The #Covid19 has created a kind of “rationing” scheme, and this has depressed demand ..

But, the same #lockdown bullshit has destroyed businesses, and there are stories of food just going to waste.

So this engineered famine will only get worse.


11:45 PM 9/3/20

More explosions/gunfire tonight …

Black Lives Matter?


some people believe … they will go away, one way or another … after the election.

some people believe … they will go away once all the financial fraud and thievery is done … and that will also, mostly, cure the Covid …

A lot of this looks like “running out the clock.”


11:00 PM 9/3/20

Masks are making the “racism” problem worse … maybe even creating it where it would not be.

Masks abstract OUT our personalities, and reduce us to “them” and “they” … even gender is sometimes hidden by the mask.

The masks are evil for many reasons, these are some.


5:00 PM 9/3/20

Grey goo?


“Dyson Star Ships”?

Which is the bigger risk.


you can make a lot of things out of dried out mashed up ants … a lot of damn things …


1:15 PM 9/3/20

I think it’s a circle.

It’s why I marvel at the statist that scrapes some misinterpreted lines from “Romans” and claims allegiance … I have only one Lord … and good Christian has but one. And, that’s by choice.


1:00 PM 9/3/20

Audio is more dangerous than video …

(audio makes you think)


12:02 PM 9/3/20

I didn’t come to Jesus or anarchism through “deep study”, though I have read a few books …

Nope …

I came to #anarchism, because I was tired of being harmed, and I did NOT want to harm others.

And I came to Christ because I WAS TIRED of being lied to.


11:35 AM 9/3/20

People, women and men, create beautiful things …

But God, as Kant said, creates the sublime.

The waitress is great, because she needs to be, to make her pay.

A doctor focuses on healing, to be true to the profession.

But Jesus creates the ensemble.

That sublime mixture.

.. and all of this happens in the maelstrom of freewill.

and this is how and when I know God is kind.

When I see free people, in commerce, in exchange, in life, without bounds or bondage …

The ensemble is a dance, and it is the spontaneous order of a world designed by God.


11:15 PM 9/3/20

Bartles & James Wine Coolers …

Kittitas County Fair … or whatever … maybe the Ellensburg Rodeo …

It was the summer of 1988, just after highschool graduation …

It was too much drinking at CWU, in Ellensburg, WA …

It was my friend participating in a power lifting competition – a good man.

It was when I got so drunk that I was vomiting horribly, and my “friends” got me on VHS video tape.

(and now I wish I could find that tape)


11:00 AM 9/3/20

Sometimes we bite each other …

We don’t want to kill, we don’t want to harm … but like dogs that get frustrated and angry during play? – they bite to remind “I am still a person … respect my space, respect who I am”.

I think people in love “bite” each other like this … because life is a mess sometimes.

But remember to say I’m sorry.

Remember to talk it out.

Remember to hug.


9:30 AM 9/3/20

Someone just asked me … “have you seen the movie AD ASTRA?”


But I didn’t say it like that … because he is my friend.


9:00 AM 9/3/20

  1. PCC Bitch
  2. Uncle Ike’s expectation of a tip


8:45 AM 9/3/20

If you expect to “bring people on board” your ranch some place? – I’d start interviewing now.