No more massaging your bad paradigm …

I spent a lot of 2020, massaging people’s broken paradigms to make them feel better … it was wrong, but I didn’t want their “feelings hurt”. I don’t do that any longer.

If you can’t sense what is coming?

As Marvin might sing, “What’s going on?”

… then the age of BOBLIMPTOCK says you are DOOMED

(deer: headlights)

Here is your optimistic ZEN moment: “imagine dodging boulders …”

(and if you say “that’s life” – then you have a chance)


Agorist Emergency Network (A.E.N.), Sat/Sun, Midnight EST, on or about 7235 kHz … net control callsign: Doctor Freckles

A serial story idea, for shortwave radio …

1942 was a weird year for the 3rd Reich, and things went from bad to worse …

But deep within the military industrial complex of Hitler’s Germany was a strange project, a time travel project. One that would change history, and perhaps negate Hitler’s reality, while saving Nazism … the great Thulian mystics explained it to Hitler that way … his Gotterdammerung would be ZERO REICH’S triumph!

Here’s a weird writing series – and I should try to keep each chapter to one hour: “VIKING REICH: Hitler’s last stand in the 9th Century AD”. The story of WW2 NAZI scientists opening a doorway to Viking times. The nazis send their tech back in time, and create ZERO REICH. They send back several SS divisions and tanks and submarines and all kinds of cool shit.

And this time?

(the Battle of Britain goes differently, and the same)

(the Battle of Eddington, 878, goes very different for King Al …)

(coming soon)

SPOILER ALERT: the white rose movement has a time machine too …

(so maybe we don’t know how this ends)

(because RIGHTEOUSNESS has a time machine too)


true socialism is one man getting paid to dig another man’s grave, while a third points a pistol at both, and himself … herself … zhe.

true socialism is a suicide pact, between 8 crazy people and a mule …

true socialism is the murder of opportunity for the sake of malice and hatred and envy

true socialism is an extinction level event


Existentially transcribed ZERO HEDGE vibrations … ZEROHEDGE.COM