BOBLIMPTOCK! (think: Clown Race Ragnarök)



A.E.N. – Agorist Emergency Network


7235 kHz, Sat/Sun, Midnight EST, for one hour … (4-5 AM UTC)

Please checkout the contact log, and let me know if there is any other information you’d like us to share about your station.

Don’t give up LORD JOOMZ!

This age is filled with pain and dismay and madness and trauma and all the evils one can imagine. It would be easy, in the face of this age, to give up … and I could not judge the person that did, at this point. We are being treated as if we are animals, dumb beasts of burden, and this cannot stand.

If you go away, what might you miss? Who might you have been?

What if you are to be LORD JOOMZ, the FIRST KING of STRAG-HORDERS?

What if, in that time, you have 6 comely/cumly wives?

You fight the Wizard of Rimulack, steal his golden staff?

In the BROGUN-TIME, when sexy and busty women warriors, strapped with 9 mm gatling-gauntlet cannons … when JORGEN-FREAKS wander the desert, and Olga the Waif-Goddess, breeds skunk-whores by the trailer park … you might be KING.

And if you do become KING, will you be kind?

(will you be gentle?)

Remember: US Grant was pretty much a WALMART employee (figuratively speaking) before the Civil War.

“Grant was working as a clerk in his father’s leather goods store …”

Consciousness …

“Consciousness is a kill-switch.” – Dr. Freckles



  1. wear the mask
  2. don’t wear the mask
  3. you’re racist
  4. you’re not racist
  5. you’re racist if you don’t get the vaccine
  6. don’t get the vaccine
  7. get the vaccine
  8. no one wants to work
  9. stay home, there are viruses
  10. put on two masks
  11. take off one mask
  12. Trump will save us, don’t worry, don’t do anything
  13. Q … WWG1WGA
  14. Trump is a monster
  15. Biden is crazy
  16. Biden is amazing
  17. Lobster man lives
  18. rub your cock
  19. put on your mask

Wizard of OZ …

How many Totos do you think they had?

Or Flipper …

Or Benji …