(and where are all those lost mass graves?)

A.E.N. – Agorist Emergency Network


7235 kHz, Sat/Sun, Midnight EST, for one hour … (4-5 AM UTC)

Please checkout the contact log, and let me know if there is any other information you’d like us to share about your station.

Folger’s coffee …

Inconsistent flow – not just a problem with your prostrate …

In planned economies, which the USA is, as supply chains fail you will notice weird under-supply and over-supply phenomena.

For example: when the pandemic began, I know people who reported “really cheap” Folger’s coffee … and the idea was “well, it’s good we have so much”.

Now, coffee prices, and Folger’s, are all going up.

Imagine a broken fuel pump …

Ho-in for Microsoft …

“You still get crabs of the mind.” – Dr. Freckles

The frenchie and the imaginary number …

“Every French bulldog should be branded with the square root of -1.” – Dr. Freckles

Transactions …

“The transaction is king.” – Dr. Freckles

Crypto folks don’t get this: “we’ll make the coins first, then make the network work correctly for coffee shops.”

This makes them Stalinist.

If there were no government …

“If there was no government, you would eat poison and drink whale shit.” – Dr. Freckles


  1. This story could be crap, I’ve never heard of the outlets that are promoting this – and then there’s Reddit.
  2. If this is a real story? – GOOGLE NEWS is burying it right now. You search news, you find nothing … you search “all”, you find links … so some funky search algo crap.
  3. Cardboard beds cannot stop sex.
  4. Forbid the women and men from wearing deodorant or taking showers … and women can’t shave their legs …

Healthcare Heroes …

“Nursing shortages” … sounds like some kind of bullshit.

I’ve worked around nurses/doctors enough to know one simple fact: For most of them, if not ALL – it’s a fucking job. They get paid. Many are drug addicts (the “legal” ones). The “healthcare profession”, best case? – follows the same normal curve of depravity you find at casinos.

casino worker VS “healthcare professional”? (I would trust the casino worker more) Hell: I’d trust a CARNY more than a nurse or doctor at this point.

Remember: just putting on some uniform does not make you a hero or worthy of respect. It’s not how you look, it’s what you do.

Supply Chain Pixelation …

  1. The Tale of Sushi-Island …
  2. Ignore the “toilet paper” and “coin” shortages.
  3. Focus on items that disappear, and then re-appear … and some never re-appear.
  4. See the grocery aisle as a pallet of colors: and then ask yourself, why some colors are missing?

Fucking with people, and shaking boxes of dynamite …

“Believing it’s a ‘great idea’ to have the government conduct military psychological warfare operations against its own people? – kind of like saying it’s a ‘great idea’ if your kid shakes a sweaty box of dynamite.” – Dr. Freckles

To Succeed …

“To succeed you start out with baby steps … then? – you have to stab somebody.” – Dr. Freckles

Monkey Pox …


Collective Unconscious of Pain: C.U.P.

  1. What is CUP?
  2. What are our shared traumas?
  3. How can you reinforce your traumas to guarantee perpetual guilt-subsidies?
  4. Produce movies, every 5-8 years, that makes people feel guilty for harms you did not experience.
  5. Make sure YOUR TRAUMA is considered the CORE TRUAMA and main one.
  6. The lives of your people are worth more than others, this is critical too …

A.E.N. – Agorist Emergency Network (Shortwave Crowd Sourcing and Mutual Support)

  1. We are going to be doing periodic testing over the next few weeks.
  2. We may start out setting up a request queue where one day a week, for one hour, we compile generalized requests, by call sign, location, and date/time of request. And then a different day of the week, we set up a frequency for dispatching requests, voluntarily, to those who want to help solve problems. More work to be done.
  3. We will begin keeping a simple log of call signs and “last known” location (if the person wants to reveal this) but all locations should be regional and not specific. This log will be posted to this blog and will be available to all. We will even be willing to add an entry, for each callsign recorded for : a) email AND b) any special trade, item, subject, you want to be listed for. You can list several. I may set up a form web page for this, but I’d rather just collect this via email for now.
  4. The idea is simple: to build many interlocking agorist radio networks, simple protocols. And if we need to encrypt? – DO SO! There are many ways of communicating encrypted messages on shortwave: a) vernam cyphers, b) key sets, c) “synchronized book learning”, d) morse-code to digital encryption … and who knows what else might be possible.
  5. A truly decentralized economy, free of control, would depend upon voluntary networks of EASY communication and cheap reception.
  6. We are not opposed to the WWW, but we consider it owned and controlled to the point of being useless. They can jam frequencies, but other than killing you or imprisoning you? – that’s it … they can’t do facebook/twitter gaslight games … they can’t “shadow ban”, if they JAM YOU? – it’s very obvious.
  7. all the hacks, the scams, companies inserting spyware for the deep state into your “smart device” – hey, I use a flip phone … but how much longer will they allow that?
  8. Build out local networks with CB radios (no license) and then have folks, with shortwave radios, that can participate in long-range networks. People will have message queue services, where you call in to relay a message to a call-sign. There are functional solutions using radio minus WWW.
  9. There is no one way to do this, nor should there be … but we MUST begin to do something.