PSR #35: PRANCING on the MOON!


After the PSR, Sat/Sun Night, Midnight EST, on or about 7235 kHz, CALL SIGN: Doctor Freckles …

  1. After the Planetary Status Report (Sat/Sun Night, 11 PM EST – Midnight, 5950 kHz, WRMI), I will be listening on 7235 kHz.
  2. We will be conducting network check-ins, and other work, related to the show and to establishing a simple and voluntary emergency network, on shortwave, for unlicensed operators and licensed HAM operators.
  3. It won’t be every Sat/Sun night, but tune in and call out for DOCTOR FRECKLES.
  4. We will start keeping a log of contacts, and this will be a way for listeners to ask questions, directly, to me Dan Sullivan (aka Dr. Freckles).

What’s in the NEWS?

  1. Censorship … and Censorship Fear
  2. Illegals
  3. China is doing something about standards for A.I., this worries Europe
  4. Water Shortages and Blackouts Gripping Iran
  5. Crops going bad in Canada
  6. Stagflationary Holes … coming
  7. Branson went to Space, some Dutch Kid is going with Bezos soon … let’s party like it’s 1961.

Prancing on the Moon …

You never see people “prance” in micro-gravity. They should be able to … fast … real fast prancing.

I saw that movie, “Meteor Moon” … fuck … fuck if they didn’t drive a car out of the back of a space ship and then toss a black-hole grenade out the back …

Jerusalem Joe …

Where did you go? Where did you go? Where did you go? – Jerusalem Joe …

Did you go to the swamps, to meet Crazy Larry?

Did you go to the hookers, in the streets, to make love to Old Stinky Mary?

Where did you go, Jerusalem Joe?

What do you know?

You know about the people that live in the walls? That watch us?

You know about the insects that lay eggs in your ears?