PSR #36: A.E.N. (Agorist Emergency Network, 7235 kHz – at or about, Sat/Sun at MIDNIGHT EST)


That HUUSK KNIFE bullshit, revisited …

Is this a “demon scam” …


Graduation …

can you graduate high school now with a GPA simply greater than zero? like … “…. hey man … my GPA was 0.00000000000000001” “wow … you graduate”

Moon wobbles and flooding …

Boeing to the MOON …


  1. Talking about “available frequencies”, jamming and powerful AM stations
  2. Practice, for unlicensed, for emergency purposes
  3. Agorist Emergency Network: AEN @ or about 7235 kHz
  4. As part of practice, we can talk Planetary Status Report stuff, topics, maybe people you’d want me to interview – even doing interviews OVER SHORTWAVE … maybe …
  5. Getting better news, from the world. From people that live there. Maybe?
  6. AEN: an uncensored news network
  7. UTAH SDR for listening to shortwave on the WWW:

Crowd sourcing and the language of crowdsourcing …

The simple language of radio-crowd-sourcing:

(implied in this model is an understood frequency – on or about – that is used)

  • during the morning the “handler” takes requests
  • during the afternoon/evening, the handler relays the requests and awaits responses
  • you can have agreed upon time frames for this.
  1. Request: “This is [call sign], I need [X]. Over.”
  2. Handler
  • Request
  • Handles: “This is Dr. Freckles, I’ll handle that over.”
  • Handler: “Dr. Freckles, this is Justin’time, I acknowledge you are working the request and accept the deadline, over”
  • Handles: “Justin’time, this is Dr. Freckles, Request understood”