I lost 95 cats on NOOM …

“I lost 95 cats on NOOM …”

When will I know who I am?

“A young person says: ‘Mr. Man, I don’t know who I am …’ … and I SCREAM BACK: ‘THAT FEELING?!? HOLD ON TO IT … FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!” – Dr. Freckles

The Internet …

“THE WWW: So you can believe more nonsense than at any other point in history!” – Dr. Freckles

If the world is ending …

“DOOMSDAY” show I’ve been watching …

  • black holes
  • asteroids
  • super volcanoes
  • aliens
  • aliens give us space crabs
  • rogue planets

But what do?

You could help people at the end … hand out water bottles. Feed the hungry during the last 12 hours … be with family and friends and poignantly await the end.

You could do lots of cocaine and hookers …

You could go on a rampage, and strike out randomly, in madness, against those around you.

What do?


  • news articles on this are being buried
  • there are no-fly zones around the Gakona, AK, base

This is what a neo-Stalinist hell-hole …

What do you think about the boiling water reactors, on the east coast?

Subway tuna DNA …



“I used to make a lot of money selling cats to Campbell’s Soup Company.” – Dr. Freckles