Attitude and endeavor …

“Start running, and let your feet and your attitude catch up.” – Dr. Freckles


Some good rules:

  1. Everything could be ironic.
  2. Nothing is literal.
  3. Look for the lies, not the “truth”.
  4. Develop lists of stories that contradict each other.
  5. Look for official “cover your ass” stories: like digging deeper on “clathrate gun” related topics.

Connecting some lies …

  1. Dead Bird Stories
  2. Wonky Miami Condo
  3. Drought – a little rain doesn’t change it, it’s a deficit
  4. Weird Explosion off Florida Coast (Wonky Miami Condo related?)
  5. American Airlines flight cancellations
  6. HAARP air corridor changes, busting methane, and the heat dome

More lawyers …

“More lawyers, less freedom.” – Dr. Freckles

Predators and OCD …

“Every predator has OCD.” – Dr. Freckles

“Did something just move over there?” – Predator

Government Debt …

people think “government debt” is just the money they spent and could not fund … no

it’s all the STUPID FUCKING SHIT you and I will have to FIX once they get the fuck out of the way …

(they broke a lot of “windows” so to speak)

“If the government is blaming you for something? – it’s probably something they broke.” – Dr. Freckles

Dr. Sommersprossen, the blue pill and printing money …

“Geld zu drucken ist wie die ‘blaue Pille’. Es funktioniert, bis man einen Herzinfarkt hat.” – Dr. Sommersprossen

Meager optimism …

It’s weird to go from:

Seattle: “I’ll be dead in 2 months.”


Rural Utah: “I might be alive a couple more years …”

It may seem like meager optimism to you, it’s a lot to me.

Don’t poison your neighbors …

“If I can’t build without poisoning my neighbors? – then I’ll build something else.” – Dr. Freckles

Technology can never fail PLUS Hanlon’s Razor == LOGIC ERROR

another reason to call bullshit on Hanlon’s Razor: It’s applied so specially … – if it’s government officials dealing with monkey herpes: it’s Hanlon’s Razor – if it’s the failure of logistics, power, comms: it must be hackers (see how this fucking nonsense works?)

Ma …

when I lived in the south, I always marveled at folks saying “ma” to just about every older woman … (but maybe, that’s because no one is too sure …)

Perfection …

“Perfection is for chumps.” – Dr. Freckles

Prussian, Napoleon, and TEAMWORK …

“Communism is bullshit. But teamwork? – that’s no fucking joke.” – Dr. Freckles

Social media is Suicidal Media …

  1. what about shut-ins Dan, and the depressed: 2012 and my sister
  2. what about connecting with people: the Goat King
  3. what about learning/sharing: massive TL manipulation and censorship

If you think “twitter” is more important to you than the people that live in walking distance from you? (then you are about to have a rude awakening soon)

Please check out my YouTube channel, maybe you’ll get it:


Graceful Degradation …

Societies that are built like overly engineered neo-Stalinist Rube Goldberg hell-hole devices do NOT “degrade gracefully” … SO FUCKING SORRY NO ONE TOLD YOU THIS …