Keys to the Car …

Imagine you owned a car, and had two older kids who will soon be old enough to drive. It’s a bad car, 500K miles, leaking oil .. but it’s good for a couple more years.

“Hey, Barack, here are the keys …”

“Hey, Kamala, I snuck you in too …” (these are multi-level mind fucks)

Death and optimists …

“Optimists die happy, pessimists die true.” – Dr. Freckles

My Uncle Bob died of COVID …


If you’re some fucker spreading “my uncle died of covid” stories? – WE HAVE NO EARTHLY WAY OF VERIFYING THIS. It’s like old Uncle Bob’s “bigfoot stories”. But interestingly enough: people rarely commit suicide or lose their business over bigfoot stories.

Long Hot Summer (Part 2)

Methane bomb is a fuzzy event. You would want a tuneable or adjustable PSYOP to cover it up. It will cause OZONE HOLES, so you would need to move the lockdowns around, like some “Moveable Feast”, first here, then there … And, best of all? – radiation poisoning from UV-C and X-Rays can look a lot like the flu, the flu that killed you. When I saw the old people videos from Wuhan, in Jan 2020? – my first thought was: radiation poisoning.

But I think “they” expected it last summer … I don’t think they expected the “monkey herpes” or “hobo les mis” to go into a second season.

Firestorm: “I love this forest, but you looking good girl …”

San Francisco: “What do you mean?”

Firestorm: “You so fat and tender … you got all that oil and poop’y fats in your sewers … and I eat almost EVERYTHING I CAN at 1,000 plus degrees ..”

San Francisco: “You hot!”

Vegas / LA: die of thirst

San Francisco (so many fat vegans): dies of firestorm, jumping from CA forest (firestorms are their own weather systems, did you know this ASS?)

SEATTLE: might get a blast of “dying sea syndrome”, and a load of poisonous gas … hold your breath. I hope you can hold your breath for several hours, or days.

And if you’re some fucking dumbass that believes the WTC-7 story? DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE BE CYNICAL ON “FIRESTORM IN SAN FRANCISCO” … (way more likely than “plastic and paper” caused WTC-7 to collapse symmetrically into its foundation … dumbass)

Plagues and Pandemics and Subjectivity …

“Actual worldwide plagues don’t require third party verification.” – Dr. Freckles

Lucky …

“Everyone is lucky, and then they find out.” – Dr. Freckles

btw: everyone is lucky till they’re not and success breeds delusion

Amber alert …

An AMBER ALERT on your smart-device in 2023: “YOU CAN NOW EAT YOUR KIDS!”

  1. 1990’s Parents: “I drug my kids, but at least I don’t suffocate them.”
  2. 2020 Parents: “I suffocate my kids (masks), but I don’t eat them.”
  3. 2022 Parents: “I eat my kids, but I don’t eat the dog …. no … gotta have line …”
  4. 2023 Parents: “Beans … you looking good … fit … come over here …”

Anarchists quoting the government …

“I am amazed, to this day, when I see an anarchist reporting a government determined ‘fact’.” – Dr. Freckles

Hallucination …

“It’s not an economy, it’s a hallucination.” – Dr. Freckles

Susan Wojcicki …

The Flag …

what do they all stand for?

  1. poop
  2. anus poop
  3. bloody taco
  4. sideways Susan
  5. trickledown theory
  6. cumulous suck
  7. yellow jello
  8. furry tiramisu
  9. kept monkey whore
  10. dungis
  11. anal blinktus
  12. twinks
  13. lesbos
  14. sons of snakehead
  15. jergin dukes
  16. wedding stew
  17. mask wearers

Scheduling …

“Scheduling is a bitch named Nora, and she doesn’t shave her legs.” – Dr. Freckles

What do I know?

“What do I know? – I’m a drifter-hobo living in sector-4 of the Hooker-Galaxy … how do I know? – look around bro.” – Dr. Freckles

Tigers and sheep …

“They love to convince the tigers to be sheep … but we are tigers.” – Dr. Freckles