Space …

556 people, out of 8 billion, have been to space – thus far. to use the covid-cult logic: statistically? – it’s like no one has been to space. Statistically: it looks like space is bullshit.,or%20walked%20on%20the%20Moon….

The baseline odds of space: 0.0000000695

Cattle truck …

I saw an empty cattle truck tonight, lit up like XMAS … horns on the hood of the truck … lights all around. I had this feeling that they were getting ready to round up “long pig”.

“something is about to be born”

Hanlon’s Razor … (and other bullshit)

“Hanlon’s Razor: what a sociopath wants you to believe.” – Dr. Freckles

“Why attribute to Evil, what you can attribute to a little mistake?” – Ted Bundy

“Hanlon’s Razor”, as with the “Trolley Problem”, are sociopathic sophistry …

“Hey, Dan … you gonna save the trolley full of people, or the dude on the track?”

“Seems like you shaved with Hanlon’s Razor this morning …”

I will let you in on a little secret … between me, you, and Jesus … there’s more EVIL in the world than incompetence … and incompetence? – often springs from the travails of EVIL.
(sorry: Hanlon’s Razor is a rationalization designed to make you feel better about scumbags)

A man, knowingly tells you in Nov 2010:

“It’s ok if our infectious disease reports are inaccurate or not on time.”

“What about risky post-op patients?”

“They don’t matter.”

Tell me, if a “doctor” at a major level 1 trauma center tells you this, is it incompetence or evil?

The same fuckers telling you to wear 3 masks to protect grandma? (those same fuckers told me it was “ok” if grandma died, so that Microsoft Amalga’s reputation stayed in tact per “meaningful use” funds and what not) (they told me, in 2010, “grandma didn’t matter”)

Reset, revisited …

  1. It is a psyop designed to keep petty tyrants – like Mayor Jenny Durkan or Governor Inslee – at their posts until the end.
  2. Crypto folks MUST BELIEVE: even though their belief in the power of decentralization is in sharp contrast and contradiction to the “infinitely powerful global super state cabal”. Pick a side.
  3. What they are doing is destroying the foundation of human civilization: this isn’t just “problem, reaction, solution” nonsense … this is the wholesale destruction of what is left of civic life and sanity. A few more months? – people will simply start dropping dead from adrenal fatigue … what are we resetting again, bro?
  4. Whatever is coming? – at some point the “Reset” narrative will wear thin too … and I’m thinking that’s just a few months away.

Susan Wojcicki, and YouTube …