Rockhouse Progress Report

“I shall be telling this with a sigh. Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”

~ Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken”

The world is a mess. The group of wealthy and politically powerful oligarchs who think they run everything have decided to murder seven billion people in their ongoing war against humanity. Ever since Jean-Jacques Rousseau came up with an imaginary social contract and tried to foist it on the world, the inhumanity of those behind his rise to prominence has been bitterly clear. Voltaire, on reviewing Rousseau’s book on the social contract identified Rousseau as the enemy of humanity. Communism is one of the follow-up attempts to promote a dehumanised world. And, in their efforts to end mankind the oligarchy has apparently set about introducing a memory RNA based vaccine that, according to at least one whistleblower, has a 100% mortality within three years. Others say there is “shedding” that vaccine takers somehow infect others near them.

The economy is still a mess, with gasoline prices shooting up and other evidence of all the insane levels of monetary inflation since March 2020. You have to be a billionaire to like current economic conditions. It is grim for a great many people.

Why now? Why did all these events start in October 2019, with the man calling himself pope Francis putting an abomination in a sacred place, with “event 201” and the sudden $100 billion federal contract for contact tracing going to Microsoft founder Bill Gates, and the patient zero of Covid-19? Among many other reasons, those in power are dreading the rise of free market money.

There is good news for those involved in crypto-currencies and related support industries. A friend of mine just completed a multi-million-dollar Series A offering and the demand for involvement is so high from investors, they’ve launched their Series B already. Many new fortunes are being made, and with over 10,000 currencies tracked at showing a combined market value in excess of $1.5 trillion, it is clear that a free market in money has made it possible for many people to escape the tyranny of the banking cartel.

Nevertheless, I continue to anticipate an economic collapse. Killing seven billion people is going to make many systems fail, because of unexpected consequences. Complex systems are like that, you know. Small changes to inputs can generate vastly unexpected outputs, and population is a major input. Complex systems fail in non-linear ways, so things can look reasonably stable for a few weeks or months before things really go asymptotic.

What We’re Doing

In February I was shown 114 acres of raw land. I immediately knew it was a special place. There is an enormous wilderness all around that I recently hiked on a magical journey through woodlands, over brooks and waterways, up unpaved roads, across valleys and up to ridge tops, with amazing vistas. The King’s River runs about a quarter mile away from our property, headed north out of the Boston Mountains of Arkansas to split the line between Eureka Springs (which is our closest nearby city) and Berryville. There are a huge number of identifiable wild edible plants, lots of animals of all sizes, and great hunting in the region. The road just outside our property carries hundreds of canoe and kayak and water rafting enthusiasts every weekend past our place to reach a public access to the King’s River.

We have good cell and Internet access from the ridge that makes a sort of spine from Southeast to Northwest on part of our property. I’m currently running a wifi hotspot from my phone for uploading this essay, for example. With a cell amplifier and other tech we can cover our valley. Electric utility power is available at the front of the property where the watermelon patch is located. We also have firewood galore, lots of opportunities to sell sandwiches and the like to passing boater traffic, and there is a large RV from Texas currently parked on property. Existing four-wheel-drive roads network the property, and there is a very large central stream that currently has two working fords and a planned bridge crossing.

Since contracting for the land on the first of March 2021, we have found lot users and prospects for about 14 acres out of 70 we anticipate making available. We’ve identified hardwood, pine, and cedar that can be harvested for the huge bonanza in lumber at current prices. We’ve made many improvements to the roads, cut through downed trees blocking some paths, and designed the bridge for the overflow from the small lake where we anticipate building a floating restaurant. This morning there was about ten thousand gallons a minute flowing from the lake through that overflow, so a micro-hydro-electric plant is a possibility.

A neighbour has a horse barn for his family’s thoroughbred race horses above which he’s build a palatial home from local woods. I met one of his craftsmen a few weeks back. Bob and Vivian have their home powered by 10 kilowatts of solar panels right out in their front yard. It’s a nice place, and illustrates what can be done in this area.

One of our lot users is planning an aircrete dome home. Others are looking at the various remote locations on the property far from the madding crowds. There’s plenty of water, plenty of wood, plenty of wilderness. Also, we’re sheltered on the North, East, and West by high ridges, so any blast waves from bad things elsewhere are likely going to be kept from affecting us.

Life is good. I live under a spring-fed waterfall, where I’ve recently added several terraces and planted tomatoes, zucchini, butternut squash, radishes, carrots, onions, spinach, and other crops. Wild strawberries, wild blackberries, and many nuts and fruits are all around. You should come visit.

We have a detailed plan here: and lots of photos and maps on the same site.

You’ll want to be somewhere better, soon. Things in the cities got chaotic last Summer and there is no reason to suppose they won’t again in the next few months. Let us know and we’ll show you around the place.

In other great news, I’ve heard from a freedom group looking to acquire 500 acres in Idaho. There are dozens of these new developments, all over the world, and I’ve been keeping a list. Soon there will be more Freedom Land than slave land. And that’s really what you want.

Free the slaves, stop the wars, end tyranny, and build a better world. You’ll be glad you did.

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Jim Davidson is a teacher, author, professor of faith, actor, and dancer. He has worked in metal recycling, banking, aerospace, real estate software, practice management software, real estate development, health care practice management, software documentation, management consulting, private equity, and non-profit activities. Since 1991 he has been actively in search of a free country and since 1993 has worked on several efforts to build a free country. Find him in Arkansas working with voluntaryists & agorists living in absolute non-aggression today (VALIANT). Learn about his work at and support his work at Your contributions to are tax deductible to a 501c3 charity.