Saving Souls

“[I]n these difficult times, full of obscurity and darkness and confusion, together with man’s villainy today, and taking into account that the Heavenly Father is greatly angered at mankind, atonement must be made to Him: what better way than by fifty times a day begging His forgiveness using the prayer which I recited for you!…”

~ Our Lord Jesus Christ, to Clemente Domínguez, 3 February 1970

God is greatly angered. More than 8 million children are taken off the streets of cities around the world and made into sex slaves, every year. The oligarchy consists of pedophiles who rape children. The prisons and the probation and parole systems enslave tens of millions of Americans and hundreds of millions around the world. Evil banking gangsters have stolen property through mortgage assignment tricks, usurious interest rates, deceit, and using the state to enforce their theft through coercion. The same banking gangs have created national currencies that defraud billions of people of the value of their money. For over a century, these financiers have used their monetary schemes to fund wars that murder, explode, and destroy, harming hundreds of millions and killing tens of millions in combat operations. In recent years some countries have been harvesting the organs of tens of millions of political prisoners. The elderly are traumatised by being forced from their homes by their own children who put them in nursing homes to be forgotten so they can divide the wealth of the family home. Nursing care in many places is designed to maximise the profit to the nursing home, while removing all dignity and all joy from the lives of the elderly. War profiteers sell the missiles that are fired from unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to blow up wedding parties and the depleted uranium machine gun ammunition that are used to eviscerate civilians and camera crews. And you know these things.

You’ve known these things for years, now. The Epstein flight logs are available to you, if you would only look at them. The names on those flight logs are a who’s who of important people in business and politics who have been engaged in raping children. The “collateral murder” video of WikiLeaks and the many other documents released by Open Leaks, WikiLeaks, and by whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning are filled with details about what governments acting in your name have done, and these whistleblowers have been reporting the truth for decades and decades. Evil depraved men and women claim to rule this world. Hoax stream media reporters are paid big salaries to push propaganda every night on the “evening news” and 24 hours on cable networks, on web sites, and in newspapers. A hoax virus and a deadly vaccine are being used to hurt hundreds of millions and lockdowns are destroying small independent businesses for the exclusive benefit of billionaires. Many millions of people are wearing masques and worshipping the state and believing the propaganda and denying God.

God is justified in great indignation and God is justified in great wrath. God wants you to repent.

But, wait, you say, you are not a financier of war profiteers, you are not profiting from the prison and probation slavery schemes, you are not gunning down civilians, you are not raping children, you are not abusing the elderly, you are not pushing propaganda, you are not harming others. So why should you repent?

You should repent on behalf of others to save their souls.

You should take as your example the life of Jesus. Jesus was without sin. Jesus suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucfied, died, and was buried. He descended into Hell. The third day He arose again from the dead. He ascended into Heaven and sits at the right hand of God the Father, from whence he will come to judge the living and the dead.

Time is short, and there is much repentance needed. If you have been sinning, if you have been doing any of the things mentioned above, or investing in companies that do these things, you should repent for your own sake, for the sake of your immortal soul. Turn away from your sins and stay turned away. Ask God for help in staying turned away from sin. Even if you have done none of those things, if you are not a sinner who should fear eternal damnation, you should repent on behalf of those good souls who have been beguiled, who have erred, and who have failed to come to repentance themselves.


Pray the penitential rosary.

The penitential rosary is prayed in a posture of penitence: kneeling with your head bowed and your arms held straight out to your sides. Hold the rosary in your right hand and on each of the beads of the five decades of the rosary, saying the Our Father, the Hail Mary, the Glory Be, and the words “Hail Mary Most Pure, conceived without original sin.”

It is an uncomfortable posture. I’ve prayed the penitential rosary since early March 2021. You should pray in a state of grace, having yourself repented your sins. Kneeling during the time it takes to say 200 prayers, plus a few introductory prayers and the concluding Hail Holy Queen is difficult. It is completely appropriate to use a pillow or two on which to kneel.

You are not being asked to injure yourself. You are also not praying after being beaten, unjustly judged by three judges, scourged at the pillar by torturers, crowned with thorns, made to carry a cross with an open wound on your shoulder, nailed to that cross to suffer and die, made to taste vinegar and gall, and pierced with a lance by a soldier to finally kill you. So account yourself fortunate that Jesus was glorified by those sufferings. Yet consider that ending the depravity of the world and the work of the salvation of souls is worth effort on your part, is worth concentration, and is worth discomfort and, yes, some pain.


There are many things happening now and in recent years that should give you much hope. Many people have worked tirelessly to stop the wars and end the oppression of the state. Some of these efforts are bearing fruit. Digital currencies have begun undermining the state monopoly on issuing money. There are now thousands of competitive currencies in a truly free market. This new market is large and growing, already involving the equivalent of trillions of dollars. Why? People seek freedom from tyranny and oppression. Efforts to fix things by working within the existing system have failed. People cannot rely on a hierarchy of control which empowers the few to enslave the many. Modifying a corrupt system by making cosmetic changes cannot make things right. We need to do things in new ways. We need to be beyond the control of those who oppress us. We cannot be free if we are subjugated by other people.

Put not your faith in people. Put your faith in God. The state is a work of human hands, as all it can ever do is done by people. So don’t expect the state to help you. But do look for ways to love God, love your neighbour, and love yourself. Extricate yourself from the matrix, the grid of control, the limitations of centralised power and power distribution. Liberate your mind from the propaganda of the hoax stream media. Liberate your friends and family from servitude. Look to new ways of doing things in order to begin building an actual civilisation and stop serving the hierarchy of control.

Most of all, hope comes from prayer. Pray to God on your own behalf and on the behalf of others. Pray repentance.

God does not wish to destroy all mankind. God has the power to do so. Archaeology, history, and scripture are replete with examples of great floods when the ice sheets melted, great disasters from extra-planetary bodies impacting Earth, great firestorms, and super volcanoes wiping out human civilisations again and again. The world was destroyed in a flood; the tower of Babel was brought down; Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire from Heaven. Never doubt the power of the Almighty.

Help God to open the way to a new world, to new ways of doing things, to a new grace of goodness. Civilisation should be about serving God and being kind to one another. Love God, love your neighbour, love yourself.

Pray the penitential rosary every day. I do.

Turn away from sin. Free the slaves, stop the wars, end tyranny, and build a better world. You’ll be glad you did.

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