PSR #14: If “Snow Day” had lasted 90 days …


Blue Beam and the anti-Christ …

DOES ANYONE FEEL A … “blue beam” + “anti-Christ debut” coming? (they tell us the “true origins” of mankind) (and the anti-Christ begins his wretched kingdom?)

The Government

“If you want to go extinct, hire a government.” – Dr. Freckles

Anarchists should always remember: The government really isn’t that good at anything useful. And the stuff that’s not useful? – they’re not that great either.


I don’t think there’s a practical need for blowing up cities. I do think people need to defend themselves: guess what … a free country WILL ALWAYS defeat a tyranny. Better weapons, better soldiers, better morale. Tyrannies aren’t even that great at war, is my point.

Our strength is liberty. Our beliefs are the ONLY chance at survival. If you care about the ecosystem? – then you should be opposed to tyranny and a promoter of freedom. If you want to go extinct? – hire a government.

… at war with …

“I am at war with no one, and this is WHY you shouldn’t fuck with me.” – Dr. Freckles

What to do? If you become an urban guerrilla?

  1. The rule of law is dead. If that is your “go to”, you are living in another reality.
  2. Don’t use any tech you bought at a store to communicate, plan, disseminate. If you are alone? – any plan, any scheme, STAYS IN YOUR HEAD. If you have to research subjects? – use other people’s computers.
  3. “pressure point” interrogations are POWERFULLY effective … but it requires researching your subject, thoroughly, before you abduct them.
  4. If you grab a government/FED operator from a BLM/Antifa protest? – make sure you have a quiet location to take them to. Broadway/Cap Hill Seattle? – lots of basement apartments, lots of allies, lots of abandoned shacks and businesses “out of business”. Lots of places to take a FED BLM/Antifa operator for an interrogation.
  5. Be serious about interrogation – jokes make it last longer and often fail. interrogation? – not an interview. Not a podcast either.
  6. Record all interrogations, but be careful about the data. Post interrogation: for data you don’t delete, make several copies, distribute with USB drives.
  7. Focus on common pressure points: reproduction being one of the biggest. Just threatening to inject a compound (like the COVID vaccine), that can render someone sterile? – will cause many (especially the young and single operators) to spill their fucking guts.
  8. For physical horror: focus on testicles, finger nails, toe nails, toes/fingers, eyes …
  9. Threatening to remove or damage an eye is one of the MOST POWERFUL and common pressure points for interrogation.
  10. With men? – threaten to smash a testicle with a shock mallet.
  11. With women? – threaten to cut up their face.
  12. You might be able to turn a FED – but be careful in doing this. You need to set up a blackmail pressure point for FEDs you turn … you need to figure our where YOUR moral line is … remember, these fuckers are killing millions, on their way to billions … so think fast.
  13. With respect to your enemy, the FEDs? – A lot of CIA/FBI are burn outs, coke heads, oxy fiends, alcoholics and low grade morons … VERY FEW are competent.
  14. BTW: cop movies serve the same purpose as war movies, to convince you that the “soldiers” and “cops” are super heroes … when in reality? – mostly drunks, oxy freaks, wife beaters and child molesters … and many are overweight and diabetic.
  15. Pro tip: when interrogating a female FED? And you don’t have the stomach to cut her face? – start making fun of her … do it in smart ways … like “wtf is that smell” and “wow … you don’t miss a meal”. And “you look good for 50” … if she’s 35 … but you have to be smart.
  16. FIRST RULE of interrogation is the FIRST RULE of combat: let your enemy do the work … If you’re smart? – you can use their weaknesses, issues, fears, frustrations, prejudice, ALL OF IT … and get them to tell you all. But you let them do the work, the talking.
  17. folks: when interrogating? – if you have to physically harm someone? – you’re failing.
  18. EGO, EGO, EGO … you can use your subject’s pride and ego against them. As powerful as insults and ridicule, perhaps more powerful.
  19. In interrogation: Money works, if you have it.
  20. Access Panels: modern cities have these metal doors everywhere … behind them? – electricity, communications, water, everything …
  21. We can win just one way: to avoid being as stupid as our enemy, the government.
  22. BLM/Antifa are mostly non-pro LARP posers and are “sleeping it off” before 11 AM. So if you’re going to identify operators at the CHOP, for example? – bring your cameras and be set up from a roof perch before 6 AM. You will see a lot of shit, between 6-9 AM. (see all videos linked to below)
  23. This neo-Stalinist hell hole is busted up and broken, and it doesn’t take much to push it over. Think: general theory of JENGA.


FUN QUESTION: If you are an anarchist or agorist or voluntaryist, then WHY would you ever be scared of the government? What, precisely, do you think they are good at? (other than systematic incompetence and pain)

Snow Day …

  1. If snow-day had lasted 90 days, ending some time in July of 2020? – then I would have said “meh, robbery … the SCREWBILEE … just a super-dooper version of the banker theft of 2008/2009 …”
  2. If snow-day had ended after the “election”? – I would have said “ok … we’re in pretend time … and now comes NWO/globalist/reset nonsense, that can’t work, won’t work …”
  3. Snow-day does not end …

What does this mean? – humans have limits with respect to exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, and trauma/PTSD … since “snow day” is not ending? – then it means TPTB do not care if you die, or if millions of “me and you” die …