PSR #13: “Sarah Jizzcan”


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“Oath Keepers”: Another ironically named thing

  1. War on Terror
  2. Smart Device
  3. Patriot Act
  4. Oath Keepers …

12 years ago, when I still believed in the “tiny crocodile” theory of government? I joined Oath Keepers … (just signed up, nothing more) (I never received any real contacts) Thus far: oath not kept … by anyone … So I think it was a honey pot, just like 1/6 boog shit

A LOT OF PSYOP honey pot bs on social media … weird AR-15 blowout porn, lots of self-identifying tactical fingerprint shit … stuff real operators post NOWHERE …

Fear TWD (and the decline of American POP-ART)

this Season 6, episode 9 drek is devolving into some introspective symbolic screed on “reproductive freedom” and abortion and the fetus that “ought not to be” … fuck Covid-19 psyop is destroying what little fragments of Americana are left … so fucked.

Hollywood sucks on so many levels … Level 1: they choose ideology over art

Disaster …

“If some calamity were to befall us: free people have a chance … slaves are doomed.” – Dr. Freckles

What’s going on …

“Don’t expect the news to tell you what’s going on.” – Dr. Freckles

The Commie …

“The commie is fighting for ‘freedom’, right up to the moment he cuts your throat.” – Dr. Freckles

Dr. Fauci …

“Dr. Fauci is the ‘L. Ron Hubbard’ we deserve.” – Dr. Freckles

Pick-up line winners …

  1. “I hunt the beaver clam …”
  2. “Hey baby, want to touch my rod … my hot rod … it’s outside.”
  3. “Have you heard of simulation theory?”
  4. “I have pictures of my ex-wife, want to see?”
  5. “I love french bulldogs …”

Sarah Jizzcan …

Imagine you met some skunk ape named “Sara Jizzcan” … she was 7 feet tall, ran a 4 minute mile … did triathlons and shit … she says she just wants a baby …