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The future …

“You can’t run from the future … all you can do is face it, bravely.” – Dr. Freckles

Utah Beer …

“Getting drunk in Utah is hard work.” – Dr. Freckles

“Going to the liquor store to buy beer is a testament to your own deconstructed miserable self.” – Dr. Freckles


My mind …

“Have you ever read ‘Naked Lunch’? – that book pretty much describes the inside of my head.” – Dr. Freckles

The List …

“It’s one big list … and we’re all on it.” – Dr. Freckles

Promises and threats …

What’s coming from the Biden administration is much like what comes from most administrations: empty and inconsequential noise … Except this time the “noise maker” has dementia, and is likely suffering elder abuse from the CIA.

It’s easy to say “reparations” or “take your guns” when the institution that is making these promises and threats is about to go away.

How will they provide reparations?

How will they take all the guns?

How will they ensure everyone is vaccinated?

If you think ANY of these is a slam dunk, you really don’t understand history … this isn’t Russia or Germany in 1933 … this is USSR in 1989 or Berlin 1945. Hitler made all kinds of whacky promises at the end, and I’m sure there are Soviet generals that still where their uniforms.

I don’t know what the truth is yet – but I know that the Biden threat/promises rhetoric is more psyop.

Changing times …


Dan’s parents in 1980: “Yes, using the blood of children to live longer would be a sign of the end times AND IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN IN AMERICA!”

Parent’s today: “HOW CAN I HARVEST MY CHILDREN FOR CASH … I hear that Peter Thiel guy wants some blood …”

I don’t care how corny it is in Utah – the people here are nice … like Ellensburg, WA, back in the 1990’s … before the demon tribes of EAST SPLUNKTON moved in …

Gun buy backs …

A simple thought experiment:

Let’s say the government offered $10,000 for per gun you turn in … What would you do, what do you think would happen:

a) give them your guns, and make all them FED NOTES?


b) find a lot of shitty old rusty guns, create some crappy slam shot guns, out of cheap ass shit … and then turn these in?

PCR tests …

I shall testify …

  1. Jorgen HO made the scorn bard late. His able master kilt the dead maidens when the sun rose … and the clouds parted, and a beam of light came down and pierced the heart of the harlot queen T’ornitha … So we have heard … in the realm 45 annals.
  2. I traveled to the caverns in Utah, where old crows buried their fear. I saw a Navaho shaman, he gave me his mojo and I stole his bike. After 32 years on the road, I was cursed by the rat hordes and left in the desert to die … near Provo … as was stated by Bishop T’lok, during the first great meeting of the last great CATHEDRAL.
  3. Utopia was granted to fire-angels. They led their swarthy fun-clan down the tubes and then tossed the cats into the swamps near Bryce City … after the lame hunters took their scraps, a coyote general made merry with whores.
  4. “TARRY NOT!”, yelled the blind priest. All the wumbly-folk followed his lead, and he took them to the caverns near Y’ornoz. They were tied to rocks and tossed into the sea … and the priest drank blood wine by the dim fire of midnight … when eagle-dukes ruled the mountaintops …