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Getting rich at art school …

“Most people go to art school in order to learn to speak rich person – but it doesn’t actually help you get rich …” – Dr. Freckles

APIs and Took Kits OVER Frameworks …

“Tool kits and APIs over FRAMEWORKS … frameworks are commie bullshit.” – Dr. Freckles

Clean Exit 2021 …

  1. I will grow a beard like Brigham Young.
  2. I will dress up like Brigham Young for Halloween.
  3. I will be stoned to death by Mormons.

(this is my “clean exit” 2021)

Aliens …

I watched “Dark Skies” … and I don’t know … it seemed to rip off other movies a little.

I have just one question for ET freaks … Why do aliens want to check out our butt holes? Why are they abducting us and messing with our minds?

(are they that bored?)

Born in Utah …

“No one is born in Utah. Everyone ends up here.” – Dr. Freckles

Deep brain …

“Sound and smell cut to the deepest part of the brain.” – Dr. Freckles

Emotion sickness … (like motion sickness or mammalian brain vertigo)

Getting to know real people again, after the asylum …