PSR #3: Building freedom communities … with Jim Davidson


Welcome, Station Name (WRMI), frequency: 5950 Khz, time 11 PM EST … recording time is different … let’s not fool people.


Intro, about Jim:

Jim’s website … essays/business plans related to his VALIANT initiative …

I met Jim in early 2017 …

Topic 1:

  1. Why did this happen?
  2. What is the real impact of this, in the NOT clown world?
  3. Could it have been on purpose?
  4. Could it have been because she was putting on her mascara? Very vague info about the “captain” – so maybe there wasn’t one? Or … he/she/zhe jumped off for a quick drink?
  5. Who benefits from this?
  6. Is this simply WHAT collapse looks like in a neo-stalinist world?

Topic 2: Building Valiantly (core subject of this podcast will be about
building an intentional community)

New Essay from Jim:

  1. What does community mean to you?
  2. What is VALIANT/Ozarkia and what sets it apart from other intentional
  3. How do you resolve conflict in a voluntary community?
  4. How do you build a freedom community “on the death star” so to speak?
  5. What happens if the government wants to destroy what you’ve built?
  6. What is next for VALIANT?
  7. And other topics, if there is time.

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