In 2019, the nation of Krasnovia was taken over by the Committee for Re-constructing Society and Financing the Future … the CFRSFF … also called the “Gronkis Lords” for short.

Prior to the 2019 takeover, Krasnovia had been a semi-functional democracy of sorts – there was corruption, and the abuse of power, but still … there was a modicum of liberty. In 2018, the Gronkis Lords triggered a plan to takeover Krasnovia by triggering a financial crisis. By the summer of 2019, the banking sector in Krasnovia began to freeze up, interbank lending was failing, and the short term lending rates (rates of interest banks charged each other for short term liquidity covering) began to creep up slowly, then quite quickly. In September 2019, a notional conversion of short-term to long-term rates put the real overnight lending rate at 23%, by October 2019, it would near 55% notional annualized rates. At the time the Chairman of the Central Bank of Krasnovia, Dr. Ritger Boogly, extended the rules governing terms of repayment on “repo” or short term interbank lending AND provided central bank assistance in the form of “liquidity”.

The Gronkis Lords had many plans, many ideas – but their favorite plan was this:

PLAN ZED-4577-WHISKEY-TANGO: “The Great Plague of Krasnovia”.

This plan called for the use of several psychological operations – to spread fear, to discredit opposition, to keep people immobilized and confused and incapable of responding. One of the KEY mind control operations involved a PANIC based upon a fake pandemic: this was proposed by Goondah Jingus-Logg … a Krasnovian elite, billionaire, who made most of his money selling buggy software. In addition to the “fake plague”, many divisions within Krasnovian society, wounds that have long since healed, were antagonized and created and engineered so that Krasnovia would be at war with itself – as the Gronkis Lords solidified total mastery of the society.

YOU are one of the planning officers for a foreign nation’s intelligence organization, a free nation, called the Free Republic of Texas, or TEXALIA for short.


As a planning officer for this republic, you’ve been tasked with developing a plan to support a spontaneous, organic, and effective grass roots response on the part of the people of Krasnovia – a rebellion or insurrection of the Krasnovian people.

“The Revolt of Krasnovia”, or Operation “Day Break”, was based upon a document, developed many years earlier by the TEXALIA REPUBLIC, outlining simple and effective techniques in our struggle against oppressive regimes. This plan would be the basis of a coordinated effort to train ordinary Krasnovians in small, simple, and effective actions which can degrade the power of an oppressive and centralized government.

Your job at this moment is to war game those techniques, in the context of the Krasnovian government.

An excerpt from this document:

“Simple sabotage does not require specially prepared tools or equipment; it is executed by an ordinary citizen who may or may not act individually and without the necessity for active connection with an organized group; and it is carried out in such a way as to involve a minimum danger of injury, detection, and reprisal.”

An outline of concerns and approaches, based on the document:

  1. Deliberate incompetence and error.
  2. Bad data entry … small errors, key fields – open workstations.
  3. Use of basic materials (sugar, salt, sand, soap, motor oil, rubbing alcohol, strong liquor, nail files and kitchen knives, broken glass, gasoline or fuel, etc) to disable, damage and destroy necessary tools of oppression. Basic or innocent materials means it will be harder for Krasnovian security forces to stop or prevent the actions by banning or restricting these materials.
  4. Recruiting Krasnovians: identifying people in Krasnovia who can lead and organize cells of resistance and spread documents describing “simple sabotage” to Krasnovians.
  5. Allied forces, like TEXALIA, can embolden the solitary rebels by relaying success stories, providing propaganda that supports the morale of Krasnovian insurrectionists.
  6. Simple manuals and pamphlets describing basic sabotage techniques should be printed in the native language (Krasnovian) and distributed, covertly, among the populace.
  7. Encourage acts that cannot be easily traced: this means commit acts that “might be committed” by anyone. Do not commit an act that would easily traced back to the agent/rebels role in Krasnovia or occupation.
  8. Discuss how to build basic alibis and back-stories, if you must commit an act that could be traced to you. Networks of friends who will vouch for you, and provide corroborating stories – but this means the actors/rebels MUST rehearse back-stories, cover-stories and alibis PRIOR TO the operations.
  9. Emphasize agility in targeting: make sure the Krasnovian rebels understand that in guerrilla warfare: it is best to NEVER repeat the same action twice. If one simple saboteur commits and act that impacts weapons production at Plant X, then the next operation should be some place different, and the techniques should vary.
  10. Emphasize to rebels: don’t operate outside your expertise, if you don’t understand how to improvise an explosive? – don’t … too much risk of capture, and this would have a negative impact on the rebellion.
  11. The simple saboteurs of Krasnovia need good intelligence on WHAT to attack: not everything should be. It is best, for practical and morale reasons, to direct efforts of sabotage at those “tools of control” that are most directly connected to their illegitimate power. So attack hospitals, schools, and civilian targets, should be avoided, if possible. But, organizations which are in support of the regime? – are fair targets of the rebels.
  12. If the TEXALIA Republic, and its Freedom Alliance in support of the people of Krasnovia, launch a military offensive in support of the rebellion: that this should communicated, safely, to the rebels, at an appropriate time. During these types of military operations, simple saboteurs focus on transportation and logistics.
  13. Buildings and arson … matches and candles can be used to create simple time delay fuses to ignite these fires. Strings, with some grease at one end, can be used as time delay fuses as well … cigarettes work too.
  14. Rebels, who work in factories, should be encouraged to be “dirty, messy” so that the factory building itself is more susceptible to arson.
  15. Gas buildup is also effective in simple sabotage: develop pamphlets to explain HOW gas buildup, in a confined space, can be used destructively – as a bomb, as arson.
  16. Small punctures of fuel tanks … slow leaks that can build up fumes over time.
  17. Triggering automatic (water) sprinklers in a facility can cause significant damage to critical planning areas, computers, equipment, and factory supplies/stock.
  18. Plugging sewage systems … shoving hair, paper, and other materials down the toilet.
  19. Place a dime/penny underneath a bulb at the facility, so that when the lights automatically come on at night? – you can blow the fuses.
  20. Jamming up keyholes on doors with garbage, gum, bits of metal, glue.
  21. If you use tools that are shared? – begin mistreating them, dulling them, bending and twisting. This will enable breakage.
  22. High carbon tooling, bits and drills, are stiff and breakable – these can be damaged so they break during use.
  23. Central air pressure for tools, centralized hydraulics and oil supply, and other centralized factory components, can be easily damaged and fouled through blocking and leaking. Put metal shavings, wood chips, broken glass, into these systems: pistons and drive fans can get fouled up and will stop working.
  24. Diluting or adulterating necessary supplies, solvents, oils, inputs into production.
  25. Water cooling systems can be damaged using rice or wheat.
  26. Sugar in the fuel tank is a classic and still works.
  27. Simple pamphlets should be developed describing: a) basic available materials, b) how those materials can be used. Use pictures, and simple instructions.
  28. Set rheostat and resistance levels higher than what they should be in factory drive circuits: this will lead to overheating of the rheostat/resistors and damage to electric drives in factories.
  29. Electronics are susceptible to simple sabotage: sprinkle conductive material on circuit boards, scrape insulation off of wires.
  30. Electric transformers are very susceptible to simple sabotage. Use conductive materials to create short circuits.
  31. Using scrap metal and welders to create train tippers: create difficult to observe warps and deformities on the main rail tracks. A train tipper gets built by a machinist/welder, gets deployed to one of the tracks. Purpose, to cause derailment at maximum speed and in the most difficult circumstance (like a central switching yard).
  32. Attacking food supplies can impact populations friendly to the rebellion, so this strategy needs to be followed cautiously. Damage to grain elevators can cause complete loss. Grain elevators are themselves susceptible to explosions.
  33. Switching address labels or making small changes to shipping instructions.
  34. Change road signs around, damage traffic control lights …
  35. Tire slashing: classic
  36. Spilling oil or benzene will damage new tires, causing them to slowly rot.
  37. Obstruct canals, rivers, and narrow waterways by sinking vessels, laying down cross cables, causing landslides.
  38. Coordinate false reporting strategies: strategies where false reports are provided to Krasnovian police to confuse them. You can overwhelm their 911 system for example, and direct forces to the wrong location during an attack.
  39. Generate fake intelligence and leave it where it can be found.
  40. Make sure the simple saboteur is “by the book” as well: demand forms and orders … demand that EVERY bureaucratic “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed.


  1. “Manual of Basic Sabotage”:
  2. “Dr. Freckles’ Rules of War”: