LSR Notes: 3/22/21


Shatner’s 90th … (they are going to kill him – he’s the red shirt trauma monkey now)



Plague of madness, and why my friend Jim might be right … about what this PSYOP is really about.

Some cool feedback from PLANET SHORTWAVE … (5950 Khz, Sat Night, 11 PM EST)

Feedback (thus far) on the shortwave radio program Planetary Status Report:

“Last night I was scanning the dial when I came across the planetary report.  I really dig it.  Your keyboard playing and sense of Harmony serve to accentuate the things you are espousing.  I was just saying how there is a void in late night radio that has been felt since art Bell left us.   Maybe you’re the guy to take up the mantle of far out schtick.   Really interesting about shortwave being available for a dollar a minute.  Not bad for world wide coverage. I was listening in XXXXX.  Plan to tune in again.” – Listener

Getting Cancelled …

Social Media: Mind-Fuck-Video-Game

@TidePodNation … “He died, so we could eat TIDE …” – Dr. Freckles

Compare and Contrast: Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong and Ben Bernanke



Female pee adapter …

Why has no one invented a “peeing adapter” for women?

Fits in your purse …

(now you can pee standing up)

  1. put a bluetooth camera in their pee-adapter
  2. women can stream their stream on youtube


5G …

“Better Call Saul” – a psyop masquerading as a TV show.

Purpose: to insert the idea that “being afraid of 5G” makes you crazy …

Trauma monkeys … everywhere …


Revisit what we know with certainty:

  1. They don’t care if you die, and it’s rather random (if you remove income)
  2. They are not in charge of the schedule: if they were? – we would have been in “2019” until the day the plug gets pulled.
  3. This has been, since at least early 2020, the larges military psychological operation in human history.
  4. And the trauma monkeys? – they are getting lamer, and lamer … which means: bottom of the barrel time … and then what?

Altering DNA … (and the vaccine)



Where is Kevin Bacon?

Time Radio …

Ref: (page 614, Article 349)

What is it about life?

It can be shitty, miserable, soul sucking, flimsy, grifter deal crap. Life.

Life can be filled with loves that are lost, and success that is NEVER …

And we can find ourselves staring off the cliff, into the dark nothing … and maybe we’d be lucky if we simply died in our sleep …

But …

We don’t give up, mostly.

What is that?

Tyranny and those authoritarian types? – they seem to be in the driver’s seat of human civilization at this point. Most of my family is going along with this bullshit in one form or another … so the “question” is arriving soon …





At this point? – I just hope the cops blow my brains out … I’d prefer to live a free and dignified life, but since that doesn’t look to be on the menu at this point … fuck it.

Just kill me.

Venus Syndrome …