VCOLS: Forced vaccination … 9/7/20

  1. Contact:
  2. Reading 1: Joshua 24:15
  3. Prayer:
  4. Announcements: looking to integrate other people’s testimony into the service … for right now, send a quality recording of a reading or a testimony or a prayer … and I can integrate this into the service … Sep 20th in Bremerton, at a park there … more specific details in the next couple of days … I know this is late notice, but I’m also trying to protect people as much as I can. Also: for in person meetings? – looking for volunteers for music … These are basic gatherings for now: you have to think of this in first century church terms: you need to scout out and recon bathrooms, parking, on your own. I will give a location and time for the service, but we will be sitting on the ground, so bring a blanket or chair if you need it. We are a gathering in the name of Jesus, which is also called a church.
  5. Reading 2: Ezekiel 16:3-8
  6. Prayer for the suffering, and a moment of silence …
  7. Topic: age of science… what the science says so far … vaccination and Jesus … and ASB president excuses all the students during Homecoming … the letter: … I still need you to reach out to me. I still need you to get an email that has MY NAME … not Mr. Jacobson …
  8. Song: Ayn Rand and Rachmaninoff’s background, and the real soundtrack to Atlas Shrugged … boldly go about in this world … Symphony #2 …
  9. Lord’s Prayer and Blessing
  10. Contact:
Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name... "Lord's Prayer"  Stencil -Two Size Choices