LSR Notes: 3/15/21


Are we learning yet?

  1. We need to SHUT DOWN THE WORLD: to save one life …
  2. We need to ignore side effects: to save one vaccine …

Different link, but same concept … (I lost the BBC link, you can go on THAT SOUL JOURNEY yourself)

Property rights and gold coins …

Let’s say you buy 3 gold coins. You keep 1 coin in your pocket, and then leave the other two on a bench in Pioneer Square, Seattle, on a Friday night … for 3 days … Would you rationally expect the 2 coins to still be on the bench after two days? If you’re not there?

Now let’s say you had a 100 acre farm in Nebraska, absentee, not currently rented …

If a family in 2025, starving, comes across this property: what would stop them from occupying, planing and growing food?

This is not a moral question, but a practical one …

And if it is a moral question, given the crooked lending facilities that enable MUCH of this property-scheme bullshit? – then I say we’re talking consequences, outcomes, and learning from one’s mistakes.

“Dan, if I have a home I don’t occupy in Kansas … even if no one lives there … it will magically be protected.”

No – it won’t. The GOVERNMENT: does not give a shit about your property rights, they are not protecting them. The hungry people moving about soon: also NOT interested NOR knowing of your rights in this case …


You can hire someone: still your responsibility. You can let someone watch it: still YOUR FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY … Government NEVER cared, and couldn’t care less now.

WANT TO KNOW THE SECRET LESSON of PROPERTY RIGHTS in SEATTLE: the government is laughing at you …

(and funding commies)

If your WHOLE REASON for staying a minarchist libertarian is because “you need someone to protect your property rights” …? (wtf dude)

The “property protector” bullshit reminds me of that libertarian take you might hear:

“Well, if we’d had more good cops … Sara Everard would not have bee kidnapped, killed …”

I’m certain a LOT of “good cops” sit on their hands and ALLOW this shit to happen.

Daylight Savings Time …

“Daylight Savings Time: one of the first trauma monkeys.” – Dr. Freckles

CHUD over MUD …

Boring: Mud Water

Soaring: CHUD Water

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