LSR Notes: 3/9/21

Defying Torture!


there are those that build and those that destroy,

your bottom art beef cake,

you tired little boy,

living a gutter dream,

tired and afraid,

never gonna have a woman,

never gonna get laid.

And after the swamp-pocalypse?

When croc-demons arise?

(your world you will despise)

you’re mirf-clown,

livin in Vegas,

always on the run from your fears …

you’re the king slink,

filled with gunkis and lies,

tired of flies,

eating the turd droppings by the lane,

going insane,

severed and abused,


disclosed and undiagnosed,

schizo man,

trolley funk,


Cuomo Scandal …

The Andrew Cuomo Scandal: how to cover up a terrible criminal act of murder, with a less terrible series of sexual harassment nonsense … and I say “nonsense” because this all looks very scripted. I think they were getting close to the truth on the nursing homes: so this instead …

If honest investigative work into the nursing home deaths were done? – you would find out two things:

  1. COVID or the RONA had nothing to do with it.
  2. That they were deliberately murdered … poison … ventilators … over medication … and other infectious diseases and mask related (caused) deaths …

Will there be an 8th HOOKER REPUBLIC of CHOP or CHAZ?

Will Lord RAZ rise from the ashes of his disgrace? Will he form mob armies and storm the ramparts of CAL ANDERSON and re-establish the hooker regime of commie washouts and bug-eating bile freaks?

Will there be a giant swizzle-pond, into which are tossed the sacrifices? Peppered steak mongrels, emblazoned by their wrathful and rage filled angst ridden little pubic souls? Into the pond they toss their dreams and their schemes and their teachers and their leach’rs … Into the pit they toss old ladies and old men and some long forgotten uncles that can slowly decay …

Will bodies be burnt, ceremonially? Will there be a kingdom of raccoons and old stale white bread toomboh-jerks?


If LORD RAZ RISES, will he respect the power of the ancient eel kings? Will he build a home base made of crystal and steel and lead and fury? Will he make tacos and give them away? … or will the great Lord’stress, Margula, set him on fire and turn his dreams into broken skulls?

The last Bishop of Vegas will receive resounding support from hooker and pimp factions in Detroit. East coast rappers will sell their gold teeth to find the elf passage, and take their meth head women to the grinder … as if cheese beagles were just on the menu for the fun of it

I recall them saying “CHOP is DEAD”, but then dumping body in the sea … but do they not know the sea is filled with pus crabs and dried-bread eagles and ocean chicken and wandering 9 eye’d squid drones? This was not intended to be the hot tub for your mom’s last birthday, done.

If you are being tortured …

Long ago I was told: we don’t torture people. And then 9/11 happened, and we were told “well, we use enhanced interrogation techniques” and “rendition” – which means torture. “Enhanced” means special torture, “rendition” means sending prisoners to allied nations that have ZERO COMPUNCTION about ripping off testicles with pliers … or putting out cigarettes in your private parts.

And then I look at the last year, and all that’s happened.

I know that the saints had great faith, the prophets had great and profound faith – I’m not sure I have much of either.

My question is this: is there a moral obligation to live if you are being tortured AND suspect that the inevitable outcome will be cruel death … from cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hopelessness, poison.

If you know the final outcome will be death, resulting from this torture? – do you have an obligation to feed the torturer’s prurient interests in pain … can we not escape this?

I am not advocating for suicide, I am simply asking: does one live when life has become hell?

If the “infinite gray nothing” (what you call the “reset”) is coming? – it’s simple math … a lot of us don’t fit, can’t fit, won’t fit … And this didn’t just suddenly become true, it has gotten worse … and now? – for some of us this world of theirs is noting but pure pain.

I scream: “We’re not supposed to live like this …”

(and the crowd keeps marching towards the chipper, updating their facebook status)

[thinking about the documentary Black Fish …]