Police Reform (written on 8/30/20)

Today in meeting for worship with attention to business, a special called meeting, I rose to speak to the issue of police brutality. My comments are directed at a particular petition submitted to our meeting for approval by an inter-faith group. So, if some of the comments are missing context for you, let me know and I’ll hunt up the petition. But I think the ideas presented below all make sense without that document, and since it isn’t really something I would endorse, I’d rather not draw attention to it.

  1. Requiring a profession of faith, even of a brand-new religion like “it is not enough to be merely anti-racism you must be actively engaged in constant acts of anti-racism,” is an error. It was an error in Europe for 600 years during some of the most vicious murderous wars, including over the schism with Eastern Orthodoxy, the persecution and eradication of the Cathars, the wars over Catholic versus Protestant, and so on. Marxists are no better than anyone at seeking to impose their wills, and somewhat worse than many.
  2. Citizen committees on police brutality do not work as appointed committees. Obviously the existing city commission cannot be trusted to appoint victims of police brutality or we would not need to reform. Just as obviously, the experience in Houston and elsewhere is that relatives of law enforcement officers get appointed to such committees until they cease to object to even the most heinous and brutal beatings, rapings, and murderings by the evil ones amongst the police. So, if there is to be such a committee and it is to have any prospect of doing any real good it has to be elected. And if that hurts the feelings of the police, good, frankly. (Insert cliche about making your bed and having to lay down in it.)
  3. As qualified immunity is the essential issue left out of the reform process, then no real reform is taking place. All police should be stripped of all forms of immunity from prosecution and from civil suits and all police forces should seek insurance to cover such matters or disband, and we’ll figure something else out. A group of overseers who get to whip, rape, and kill the slaves (as they see us) and cannot ever be brought to justice is not an American concept, it is a European slave plantation aristocracy concept. It has to go. If police don’t want to be held to account for their actions in raping, beating, and murdering, they should quit. If they refuse to hold their brother and sister officers accountable, they should be fired, and sued, and left destitute.
  4. The Montgomery county jail was emptied in February and March to nearly its maximum capacity and has since been re-filled. The Montgomery county commissioners refuse to put the matter of building a huge new jail to the voters, insisting that they will take from the “millage” of the property taxes to do what they wish. That’s not okay. That’s a corruptly allocated construction contract and a huge new plantation for holding slaves. The Bastille was eventually torn down by an angry crowd of righteously indignant Parisians, and those involved in operating it were led to the guillotine. Just saying.
  5. The entire edifice of the prison for profit industry currently has 5 million Americans either directly incarcerated or on some form of current probation. All communications from jails are collect calls because the county commissioners put money in their own pockets from the revenues from those calls, when a $25/month unlimited calling plan is readily available from every cell phone carrier. Clearly the objective of America’s city and county prosecutors, commissioners, and law enforcement officers is to keep in bondage millions of Americans. By some accounts at least 40 million Americans have had the experience of being arrested. Last year over 1,000 Americans were shot and killed by police and tens of thousands were brutally beaten and there are no national figures on rapes by police but they happen. (Raping by police of people, e.g., engaged in prostitution is reported by the victims to little avail.)
  6. Civil asset forfeiture is a major profit centre for the prison and probation and parole for profit industry. It must end. People are innocent until proven guilty but their property is guilty until they prove it innocent. That’s an evil system and it creates billions in slush fund money corruptly allocated to the fat bureau-rats and elected officials who defend it.
  7. The proliferation of laws and the evil willingness of people who contribute money to politicians to ask for “stiffer penalties” has led to a code of federal regulations that has tens of thousands of pages and endless laws, many of them felonies. The war on some drugs is uncharitable and unmerciful and keeps cartels run by the FBI and CIA making huge profits. It is of course the smarmy anti-freedom rant of authoritarians and their sycophants that people “duly convicted of crimes” are not deserving of mercy, but every single person reading this email has committed at least three felony crimes today.
  8. Human trafficking by law enforcement, especially the FBI, is a major problem. The rape of children by prominent politicians is video’d and evidence of those crimes is used by federal agencies to extort from politicians additional budgetary authority. Eight million children go missing or are deliberately stolen to feed the worldwide child sex trafficking industry. All law enforcement and all prison operations must be closely supervised. Child protective services are, in many places, directly involved in child sex trafficking.
  9. Rape and crime within prisons is epidemic. Prison conditions of over crowding are terrible, such that epidemics of tuberculosis of some of the antibiotic resistant strains have been widespread in prisons for decades. I’ve been in jails in this country with an inch or more of raw sewage on the floor (they didn’t provide me a measuring tape). I’ve been invasively “cavity searched” in this country. I’ve seen other inmates cruelly beaten by jailers. These problems aren’t going to go away by not looking at them.
  10. Incarceration doesn’t work to rehabilitate. So perhaps something else should be put together. Similarly the death penalty does not deter criminal behaviour. So it should be ended. A Puritan ethic of punishing wrong doers may sound good to some people, but is not very charitable. Rather, I suggest that only rapists and murderers, duly convicted, should be isolated from society with incarceration and others who have committed crimes against the persons and property of others should be required to pay compensation, and their activities monitored in various ways – and they should have access to training so they can make money to pay that compensation as fast as possible. It is said above that ‘crimes’ like possession of some plants or some other contraband or buying and selling what God created such as cannabis are not at all crimes.

There is utterly no respect by former prosecutors like Kamala Harris and former senator Joe Biden author of the worst “get tough on crime” bill in American history (1994, signed by Clinton) for these problems. I don’t need to caution the members of the meeting that Trump has no inclination to fix this situation either. You good people are not going to vote your way out of this mess. Though, to be fair, both the Green Party candidate and the Libertarian Party candidate are very good on these matters. I do believe in miracles.

Frankly, Americans deserve to see their cities burn as long as they are unwilling to attend to these matters. Mayors and governors who live in gated communities may not feel threatened by the current unrest, but perhaps they aren’t thinking very clearly. One might refer them to the Directorate period in France, 1793-95.

People can have peace, but peace cannot be sustained in the presence of injustice. Injustice cannot be removed without freedom.

It does no good at all to say that there are good cops if they are not arresting bad cops. It does no good to say that there are good police unions if they keep qualified immunity and populate the police brutality oversight boards with friends of the police. It does no good to fix any of these problems if the profit to prosecutors and police officers and city and county officials, elected and appointed, from the prison and probation and parole and civil asset forfeiture for profit industry is not removed. As long as it remains profitable to keep your neighbours as slaves, there will be slavery in this country.

I’m aware that my tone in meeting was a bit strident and it may be that there is a lack of charitable sound to my current message, but I am not in a good mood to apologise for any offence that may be perceived in my words. If Americans are not willing to get tough on the prison and probation for profit industry, given all the abundant evidence of murder, rape, pillage, suffering, and torment being inflicted by neighbours on neighbours for the profits that go to a very few, well, Americans will get what is coming to them.

I’ve been told by Spirit that Montana is next for me, probably the Kalispell area. I’m not sure when I will be back to Dayton, and I do have some regret that I cannot be a bolder voice here for fixing what is wrong here. But it is in my soul that I’ll be coming back here some day. It is my hope that I will do so as a friend and neighbour and in peace; it is my fear that I will be coming back to Ohio to break people out of slave labour camps. Please do what you are able to attend to some of these difficulties here. I will do my best to take an active role wherever I am.

As your friend and brother in spirit, I am always available to be of service or to share ideas or information or simply console those who feel distraught. Also, in my “colourful” history of being arrested, I have come to know lawyers and bail bondsmen in many places, so if anyone needs help, anywhere in the world, let me know and I will do my best to make useful connexions. Although I am not currently flush with funds, I know many people (8,200 followers on Twitter to my continuing surprise) and will help raise bail and legal defence and prisoner-support funds.

Postscript: i may not be as well known in the freedom community today for things I did in 2011, but I did do some things. One of them, about which you can find accounts on the web by Bill Stone, by myself, and an episode of a radio broadcast by Michelle Seven, followed from events that occurred at the home of Shaun Lee Anderson whose husband pushed her down a flight of stairs. She called 911 but her phone was taken from her before she could complete the call, and her father-in-law who took the phone (and was formerly an FBI agent and known to local law enforcement) lied when the 911 operator called back, and lied to the officers who came to the home in response to the 911 call. Shaun Lee was reported drunk and on drugs which surprised the hospital staff when she was forcibly taken by police (handcuffed and foot manacled) to a mental hospital for a planned 96-hour hold for observation both because the amount of the one drug her father-in-law reported seeing her take would have killed or put in a coma a person of her body weight and because her blood screen returned a clean of drugs and alcohol result. Bill Stone, Brad Spangler, and I walked into the mental hospital where she was being held against her will and with help from Michelle Seven and her listeners calling in, and with help from the freedom community on Facebook back when that was still a not-too-terrible-yet platform, we managed to get Shaun Lee released. It was a very long day with no sleep – Shaun Lee’s alert came at about 02:00 and I next slept over 24 hours later. Nevertheless, we did what we could.

In the years since then I have organised and helped to found mutual aid and rapid response team projects in many communities. Several of these groups still exist. Others have built more wisely and better upon the same ideas. If you need help finding a network in which to defend yourself and your friends, please let me know.

Since 2010, I have been involved in finding lawyers and bail money for freedom people. Since 1991, I have been arrested or detained in jurisdictions in North America and Africa, and have travelled extensively in Europe and Asia, and when I say that I know lawyers, groups or companies with which I’ve been affiliated have retained law firms on four continents. So if you are looking for a defence attorney for yourself or a friend or family member, please do get in touch. I know how to do this thing.

We can raise money to stand bail and we can find lawyers and we can get you out of jail. It has been my pleasure to meet many people in various walks of life who do some very unpleasant jobs. So if it comes to leading people against slave labour camps or breaking individuals out of individual prisons, there are people who can do that work.

As I mentioned many months ago, this year has a long “hot” Summer. And this coming Winter may be expected to be a time of great suffering and discontent. But freedom shall prevail.

Also, we live in a universe with a just God, a merciful God, who loves us and wants us to be free. God has sent his Holy Spirit to help us in healing the sick and casting out demons. God’s will be done, amen.


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