Freedom Guards Founded

“Qui custodiet ipsos custodes?”

Who shall be watchful of the watchers themselves?

~ Juvenal, Satires, circaAD 127

The topic of a scouting organisation for people who are not terrible statists like Baden Powell, who founded the Boy Scouts and the Girl Guides, has been making the rounds of the freedom community for many years. At least ten years ago my good friend L. Neil Smith, publisher of L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise, told me about his plan to re-write the Scout Manual.

In a related vein, my friend and fellow bad Quaker, Ben Stone, wrote a field manual parody a few years ago. You can find Sedition Subversion & Sabotage at his web site and in many online book retailers. Rumour has it that he is considering a revised edition.

In reaction to his book, it seemed good to me to write a Space Scouts Field Manual Parody so I did. It is also published at Ben’s web site. As you can see, it was completed in January 2017, a few weeks before Ben and I met in person at his home in Ohio.

Back in November 2020 my friend Mike Swatek said it was a good idea to create some sort of education outfit for home schooled children that would be like scouting without the statism. Or words to that effect were discussed. My friends Chris Chew and Isaac Ashby concurred, and have engaged me to write a business plan for the same.

Mission & Vision

Folks who are familiar with business plans know that it is a good idea to have a mission statement that captures what the organisation is going to be doing. After a while, it also became fashionable to write a “vision statement” giving some idea of how things would look five or ten years in the future for the new outfit.

Mission Statement

The key to voluntaryism is zero aggression: no one has the right to initiate force against others. Defensive force is acceptable. The mission of Freedom Guardians is to help individuals build skills, resilience, and character, understand the need for communities, use charity to assist others around them, and keep things decentralised. Everyone should work on learning and teaching. Individual sovereignty is the goal for each person. The training and understanding involved is to be applied to free the slaves, stop the wars, end tyranny, and provide a persistent vigilance against oppression and injustice. Guards train continuously and work together as they think best, forming groups to address specific situations. Guards watch over and protect one another and their key goals of freedom.

Vision Statement

Freedom Guards are dedicated to the pursuit of truth and the network of Freedom Guards is a vehicle for the transmission of the culture of freedom and the culture of the frontier into the future. Frontiers people are always able to work out some way of getting things done, whether through the most suitable tools or by “rigging” something that works. That can-do attitude is vital to the long term success of the human species. Guards seek to recruit and train others to be as skilled as possible so that those who are vigilant and watchful can be effective at resisting and overcoming tyranny. The goal is to build a culture that is anti-fragile, that gets stronger as it is threatened in various ways, and that overcomes any threat as rapidly as possible.

All Are Welcome

Our goals are many and varied and include making the Freedom Guards a group open to students of all ages from the very youngest to the very eldest. We want to accept persons of any background including people of every ethnic background and other grouping. Many reasons for being all-inclusive are important. One is: those who claim power over us, those I have been calling “the oligarchy” because they are not better than others as calling them “elite” would imply, have been using a very successful strategy of “divide and conquer.” By pushing the idea that we are in separate groups that are morally or spiritually opposed to one another, they have us fighting each other instead of keeping our eyes on freedom and the future.

To get from here to there, we think there are going to need to be some levels of involvement.

Beginners would be Freedom Pioneers. Young children would start in this category, as would anyone who feels they are starting out.

Students would continue as Freedom Scouts. Those who are looking around for paths forward, whether physically or spiritually, have always been called “guides” and “scouts” so the term is appropriate.

As a person progresses in knowledge and begins teaching others, they become a Freedom Guard.

At some point we want to establish “rites of passage” so that as people move from pioneers to scouts to guards, they go through a particular ceremony after completing a particular task or activity.

Forming Groups

It makes sense that people won’t go it alone. One person teaching another is all that is really essential about the work we envision. Any skill may be applied to keeping others free, but some skills seem more essential than others. And those who are near one another are going to need to know about each other so they can gather a team to address a problem, or assemble quickly in an emergency.

There is no reason why we who are putting this project in motion have to choose everything for everyone. If you like the idea of “Guardians of Liberty” as the name for your group, or “Trailblazers of Freedom” or any other set of words, you are, of course, free to choose your group’s name. If you want to be a group of one, that is your choice. If you want to recruit from your own family or extended family or clan, great. If you want to mix it up with others nearby, great. If you have an online community of folks from all over the world, so much the better.

Forming groups is up to you. So how will you recognise each other? You could have unit patches or an outfit (Hawai’ian shirt and blue jeans, perhaps; or khaki trousers and a camouflage jacket maybe). The point is to know your brothers and sisters when things get tough, so you can see who is around to help out. Where would you find people to join? Try your school, your church, or any group you are involved in already.

Freedom Guards Academy

One of the operations we are now planning is called “Freedom Guards Academy.” It will have a physical location in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, and other physical locations over time. It will also have an online presence. We plan to have lots of teachers covering lots of course material.

What kind of classes? Well, you cannot very well guard freedom if you are suffering from privation, inclement weather, or a natural disaster. So preparedness and survival training are important.

We plan to offer classes in how to make fire, make shelter, and gather food. One of my “go bag” items is a guide to the edible flora of North America showing the ranges and colour photos of what’s for supper. I heartily recommend it, as you may be amazed at how very much of what you find around you can be chow. Don’t waste food, it may be scarce some day.

We also plan to offer classes in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and other fields of study. Languages will be important, because many people don’t speak the same language, and it is a big planet. Wherever freedom is endangered, Freedom Guards should be alert to the possibilities. We don’t want tyranny to have a happy home somewhere and suddenly find it spreading, as it has been in recent centuries.

Geography, geology, and geometry all come to mind as useful fields of study to those who seek to be free. There are many ideas in economics and in “second realm” technologies and agorism ideas that deserve a close look. So we’ll have those classes, too.

Most of all, those who have something to teach will be offered a venue for teaching and those who seek to learn will be encouraged to find the teachers they will learn from. Recently several teachers have gotten in touch with me because they are no longer willing to be a part of the masquerade and are not going to take the vaccination (or mark of the beast as it may be). So they are “out of work” and eager for other opportunities. There won’t be any shortage of teachers.

One way of knowing a topic is to teach it to others. Many times the teacher learns at the same time as the students, because the teacher has to get very familiar with the subject matter. And students ask the most intriguing questions!

Form a Guard

Are you ready? Are you and your friends and family going to be free? Then you should consider forming a guard unit. Get together and talk about these ideas. Join our Telegram channel by sending me an email.

Free the slaves, stop the wars, end the tyranny of the state. Gather your family and friends and form a tribe. Assemble the tribes! Build a guard unit and teach yourself and others every skill you need to stay free. You’ll be glad you did.

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