VALIANT Ozarkia Rockhouse Is Born

“If ye will still abide in this land, then will I build you, and not pull you down, and I will plant you, and not pluck you up: for I repent me of the evil that I have done unto you.”

~ Jeremiah 42:10

For the last few years I have felt guided by the Holy Spirit to certain bible verses. While I was making my home in Dayton, Ohio from 2017 to 2020, I learned this practice and began making it a part of nearly every day. One day, Sunday 20 October 2019, as I sat reading the bible before the beginning of meeting, in Waynesville Ohio at a regional gathering of Quakers, I was reading from Luke chapter 7 as I recall. Then one of the elders mentioned that we would begin meeting for worship.

Quakers meet in silence. Anyway, my branch of the faith does so. So I closed my eyes and without moving otherwise, I prayed in my mind the prayer that I use to “centre down” and get ready for worship. At the end of that prayer I said in my mind, “And Lord if there is a bible verse I should read aloud in meeting today, please show it to me.” I opened my eyes and behold there was Malachi chapter 4, on the left and the cover page for the New Testament on the right. I felt the page to the right and felt no urge to turn that way, so I went to the beginning of Malachi chapter 4 and read it through. Then I chose some verses to read aloud. You might enjoy looking it over.

The following Spring I began to be guided, repeatedly to Micah chapter 2 verse 10, “Arise ye, and depart; for this is not your rest: because it is polluted, it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction.” After a few weeks from first being led to this verse, my next door neighbour entered my back yard through the closed gate, without permission, and poisoned my wine berries. She would defend this action saying they were poison ivy. Alas, my violets and mint were also poisoned. But the lesson was clear, it was not a general admonition but a specific one. Thus at the end of September 2020 with help from a good friend, I packed everything into storage and left Dayton.

I mention these points because for me the work I’m doing now is part of a spiritual journey. I believe events since October 2019, including the Amazonian synod, the abomination put in the sacred place by Francis at the Vatican, and the event 201 simulation of a global pandemic meant to kill 65 million have supported my repeated contention in dozens of essays published last year and this year that Americans need to get away from the cities and up into the hills and mountains if they mean to be free.

Blazing Hearts
In November my good friend Mike Swatek found a parcel of land on Zillow and we called the realtor. The realtor agreed to come unlock the chain across the road and let us explore the property. Although that did not happen, explore it we did between November 2020 and the end of January 2021. We wrote a detailed plan for how we would develop it into a freedom community. At the end of January that plan was put back by the property owners informing us in very certain terms that the land was not for sale, after all.

That set back was very troubling to me, and I came to Fayetteville. While there, I was guided to Jeremiah 42:10 and came to understand that I was home. Which I mean in the spiritual sense, that here is where God has set me to plant me and to build me. Technically and in other meaningful ways, I am homeless. But now, at least, I know where to bring the things I set in storage in Ohio.

On the last day I was staying at the home of Bob and Paula FriWaker in Fayetteville, there was a gathering of voluntaryists for watching the Freedom Portal presentations of the Thrive network. These are mostly Foster Gamble, an heir to some of that Proctor and Gamble wealth, talking to various voluntaryists and liberty folks. That day he was talking to Stefan Molyneux.

There was only one other guest that afternoon, Mary Blazes. Mary and I exchanged contact information. She asked if I would be interested in looking at the land she had under contract for deed. We went and looked. Folks, it looks really good, to me.

Mary’s foundation is called Hearts Ablaze Foundation and she and I have reached a written agreement, and the VALIANT group has paid consideration to secure that agreement. We will be assuming the payments on the 114 acre property. It is on the Rockhouse Road that runs to the Rockhouse Cemetery for those looking to get a sense of the area. Details are available in the new plan.

The Land

The land is shaped more or less like the letter L. The upright part is thicker than the part at the Southern end and runs from just past the peaks of the bluffs that form the Western edge to the back of the properties that are next to the road. The lower part meets the road and provides a simple way of limiting access to the back of the property.

Those bluffs rise about 160 feet above the level of the county road. There are caves, springs, and much fauna. It is all heavily wooded except for the power company easement that parallels the front of the road, and an east-West road hacked through the trees by a bulldozer in Summer 2020, paid for by Hearts Ablaze Foundation.

The creek that runs along the Southern end of the property is mostly within the property line. It provides good drainage. There is about a 30 foot drop between the gate to the county road and the bottom of that creek bed, along roughly 300 feet of frontage. There’s plenty of water in the area, and much of it flows down the King’s River. The nearest feature of that river is called “Trigger Gap.”

The New Plan

The new plan is to accept deposits from lot users and investments from investors and buy the property outright. The land ownership would be through a land trust. Other details are to be developed, but since everyone who lives there or works there is going to agree to the Zero Aggression Principle, the basic fact is, it will be a ‘community of people who share a common belief system’ and that means it may be possible to have it exempt from certain kinds of property taxes. Additional details to be disclosed as we find out what works.

What are lot users, you ask? Well, tenants and home owners are concepts governed by state law and county ordinances. We are not planning to subdivide the land specifically to avoid having the county and state government involved in our affairs. Subdivision has many limitations and the most trenchant criticisms thereof may be found in Spencer Heath MacCallum’s book The Art of Community which is available in a free pdf from Science of Society Foundation. I should mention that Wendy McElroy credits the book, Art of Community, with turning her into a voluntaryist. Wendy is the founder of the individualist feminist movement and one of the wisest people I know.

Wendy’s work in the 1990s on the intentional communities of the 19th and 20th Century, including her review of the notes of Josiah Warren on how voluntaryism is best served by communities which included certain features (a place where everyone can dine together; a community money; a commitment to individual liberty) first interested me in the idea of building a freedom land.

You Are Invited

The land is ready for camping, and we plan to make it available soon for that purpose. The land will soon be owned outright and building will begin. There is a lot of work, and a lot of fun, to be had.

Please consider visiting Eureka Springs and Fayetteville and neighbouring Berryville, as well as the voluntaryist gatherings in Oklahoma. MidFest is coming in April 2021.

Free the slaves, stop the wars, end the tyranny of the state. Gather your family and friends and form a tribe. Assemble the tribes! The future belongs to the bold.

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