LSR Notes: 8/31/20

“Stop obeying and start being.”

  • Dr. Freckles


soon men and women will wander the streets …

gloves of iron, and hooks, and putrid edges of morbid eyes …

gumbous freaks, staring at your meat taco … but your women is feverish and your money is burning …

and you think the ho-world cares?

but you know it’s hooker land


  1. eat healthy food, if you can find it
  2. don’t eat too much
  3. exercise

(and yet, in this dystopia, all of the above are hard now … in the fucking city)

You have to imagine me as a space ship commander, coasting through the collective unconscious, deep inner space bullshit … and I radio back once in a while.

(but my radio is broken)

(and my heart is a raisin)


I will blow your mind …

I’d rather live around people that are NOT pissed off at me.


“Don’t assume: SOMEONE IS FIXING IT … if you’re not fixing it? – why do you assume someone else is?”

  • Dr. Freckles


Demons live in many places …

They thrive on LACK of human communication.

When we don’t talk? – we assume the thoughts of others, and the demon whispers, and we become hateful for no reason other than madness.

Demons live in the spaces where people look away from each other.


chickens OVER cows at this point

potatoes OVER grains …

herbs OVER pills …

vegetables OVER fruits …

salt OVER sugar …

shelter OVER cars …

guns OVER feelings …

friends OVER followers …

life OVER death

and Jesus loves us …


“Smart systems collapse gracefully … dumb ones fall apart at the worst moment.” – Dr. Freckles


“The best protection against too much complexity? – simplify.”

  • Dr. Freckles

dfgtc #Complexity

You don’t greet the collapse of complexity with MORE complexity

you go to fundamentals

food, water, shelter

(those are things you NEED)
(bitcoin riches? – something you want)


People are still in denial about collapse, and its non-linear nature:

They still need to believe “I can ship my shit” via FEDEX or UPS or USPS … and they’d rather lose product AND customers than admit their paradigm is FLAWED.

That’s what you need to know about shipping beef.


and let’s say you cannot ship in increments LESS THAN 300 pounds …

that means the risk/reward calculus works EVEN BETTER for the mother fucker thief at UPS or FEDEX or USPS or any other over the ground carrier …

It’s worse for the product seller the more beef there is.


crypto people be like “my blockchain verifies my transactions”, but what they DON’T FUCKING KNOW is that if you’re shipping shit? – you still depend upon shippers not stealing your shit …

or adulterating it …

or rubbing their fecal matter on your food shipment.

Let’s say I shipped 100 deliveries, randomly distributed over 3 weeks … using randomly selected over-the-ground carriers …

I would be surprised if more than 80 of the deliveries made it, at this point.

(I didn’t say “pretend it’s 1995 and your pa just bought you a camaro”)


I’ve lost several donations, sent to me, via USPS, in the last few months …

I don’t go crazy about it:

  1. I tell my donors to NO LONGER use USPS.

To believe a person could ship 300 pounds of premium beef, without pilfering, at this point?


If you are running ANY FUCKING BUSINESS at this point?

And you ship high-value items?


then you might want to build a coop/mutual logistics network for delivery.

(just so you don’t get fucked by the desperate people who are going to steal your shit)

When it comes to food deliveries:

reliability > cheap


No matter your feelings …


No matter your fears …


God loves you, but you ain’t in Eden no more …


(and nature is NOT linear)

(and this ends my Ted Talk on collapse)