Friendship …

  1. First Reading, John 15: 12-17:
  2. Greetings: interested in forming a neighborhood church coalition. Really simple idea, and I think can help with security issues.
  3. Second Reading, 1 Peter 4: 8-11:
  4. A prayer: in thanks of friendship
  5. Third Reading, 1 Thessalonians 5:
  6. Discussion: memories: a) high school friends, b) army friends, c) new friends because of the podcast, d) friends in the liberty movement … What is this thing called friendship? what does it mean to help? what does it mean to accept help? … friendship is one of the vehicles of the Holy Spirit, of His divine grace and love … it isn’t perfect, but it works. There are different friends for different seasons, not all are of the same weight. There are some friendships that go back to the beginning, life-long friends.
  7. Meditation: for those who have no friends, may Jesus help!
  8. Lord’s Prayer:
  9. God’s Blessing: