LSR Notes: 2/2/21


Beethoven’s 9th matches Ecclesiastes … Rachmaninoff’s Symphony #2 matches Atlas Shrugged.

Green Shoots

Remember 9 years ago when the #Obama administration kept talking about “green shoots” … (that was awesome)


Behaviorism: the science of animal training and torture

I helped BEANS, I taught him WHERE to POOP and PEE while watching him for a week. (not with Behaviorism) (but with logic)

TSA and Anarchism

I think I said “I am an anarchist”, the first time a TSA douche grabbed my cock at the airport security checkpoint.

YouTube Commercials

“Did you know that the average adult has 5-10 undigested babies in their body at any time? … that’s crazy, right? …” – YouTube commercial the way I hear it

CARTOON SOLDIER sucker bait …

“… but it’s not a suppressor …” – YouTube commercial (sucker bait)


Read your WHOLE Bible, and be honest … the people of Jacob are God’s chosen people, but governments in Israel? – have mostly been shit.