LSR Notes: 1/31/21

Jubilee …

The derivatives overhang implies ONE IMPORTANT FACT … While some “loan forgiveness” may occur … THERE CAN BE NO #JUBILEE in their system … The very moment the “above surface” debts are eliminated, then the exotic instruments, hiding deep below the waters, surface.

Matthew 23

Guards have left the prison …

In the last 2 days my twitter account has received 2 notices of “12 hour suspension” and nothing happened. Hard to say what this means.

One interpretation? – we are very close to a point in time when TPTB just don’t GIVE A FUCK what we say and do … and that kind of explains the “Game Stop” trauma-drama as well … “go ahead, pretend you have choices … y’all be dead in a few weeks”.

The return of our Lord will be like a thunderclap, but without ANY indication of storm … It will be shocking, in the way that being hit over the back of the head can be “shocking”. And as far as “safe places” go? There is only one: with Jesus, in your heart.

“Dark Winter to Come …”

Thoughts from 2015 …