Manson Lecture 1: Team Building to Solve Problems (October 12th, 1997)



Teams man … teams are critical. Whilst hunting the scluntic-whores of Miami, I was being tracked by a penguin with a knife. His eyes were bloodshot, and his mind filled with cocaine and syphilis and whiskey and pain. I told that rock-ape to fashion a rod and connect with god and build a town for smiles … not frowns. I told the angel of RINDO that my NEW MIND was WHOLE man …. and HOLE. My mind was HOLE/WHOLE and the whore juice was free for all.

You can take those vegetables and place them in the pot, but did you get that stuff man from the old man in the well? Are you the leader of a dismay? Are you okay? But your eyes are shifty man … and the team sees it.



Tear down the barriers of creativity and build a home for good ideas!

You can understand the beaver-code of Magellan and ride on a walrus towards the Isles of POORG … and the Beatles will play music for you, as dead Paul McCartney dances with fake Paul McCartney and the WHOLE POTATO is a suppository.

Teams make this unnecessary … but team work requires facilitation and NOT tyranny.

You have to provide well defined goals … with rational payoffs …

You have to say “hey man, those rich’ohs in the Hollywood Hills need to be shiv’d …” and if the shiv’ing works? – write “DIE PIG” on the walls in blood … or some such racist bullshit.

Clearly defined goals … easy to attain payoffs.

Real Problems

I pistol whipped Little Orphan Annie. I was tired, and I had no beer, and she told me the lies of BERGINEROOS … the lies of sailors high on Mexican cocaine and old wine from the cellar of our nightmares.

I pistol whipped Ghandi … I told him the world was broken and that mankind was a snake and that the snow was made of dead Eskimos. The Eskimo people would pile the Eskimos after they died, and set fire to this pyre, and the ashes of dead Eskimos made the new snow for the new year.

But these are not productive.

Real problems develop when teammates ignore BOUNDARIES …

A cumboo-freak with a hammer and a problem runs at you, tries to brain you with the carpentry hammer … WHAT THE FUCK? IS THAT god? Is that the weird viper that hides in the miserable zone of your pitiful beatified heart?



But you have boundaries …

And boundaries are the real problem.

Framing the Team Problem

Framing hammers …

You can accomplish great things … but ONLY IF you can frame the problem effectively for the team. For example:

Gombo, one of my main guys, was complaining about the LSD punch … “not enough LSD” … and shit like that … fucking Gombo.

And I said “fuck Gombo, why don’t you get the LSD and make the punch?”

And Gombo was like “FUCK YOU CHARLIE …”

And this was at a team meeting!

So I picked up my framing hammer, Gerdie, and smashed Gombo in the face. He fell to the ground, started twitching, so to stop him from twitching I beat Gombo further … with the framing hammer. I beat him till he stopped twitching and making noises … I beat him until his skull was like a dirty bowl of bouillabaisse from a greasy Louisiana hell hole bar.

Do you see what I did right here?

I could have easily killed Gombo, later that night, while he was sleeping – but I didn’t. You shouldn’t confront problems without FRAMING THEM.

YOU HAVE TO FRAME THEM … and this has many meanings.

Like, what if I said “Tex Watson did it” to the cops, and set up Tex with the murder hammer, and finger prints … and he’s on LSD anyways … what if I framed him?

Framing is critical, which is my point.

Framing hammer - Wikipedia

The Wheel of Strength

POWER comes from SOUL STEAM. The wheel of strength is composed of a center, a spoke, a heart, a core. The wheel is made of love and grace and hippos and more broken glass. It is steam and iron and flakes of plutonium and a broken heart’d city covered in cat urine and stale popcorn.

The wheel is what you use to BIND the TEAM together … to solve problems.

And LSD … lots of LSD.

Measuring Outcomes



You can’t bend that old man upon the block – you have to smash his head in. That old man that stares at you … from across the yard? That old man with evil in his heart and fire-dragon eye that incinerates your apprehension and sucks your soul dry?

Did you build a rocket?

Did you see the moon beams?

How do you know Armstrong drank TANG if the TANG is powdered HELL?

How the FUCK do you measure THAT?


3 Eye: “Charlie, how cumz the lawyer can’t get me off?”

Charlie: “Bro … you are already losing when you start out like that. Next question.”

Hingus: “Charlie I do believe there is a collective unconscious as defined by Jung?”

Charlie: “So …?”

Hingus: “I dunno … I just wanted to speak.”

Charlie: “That is all the questions we have time for …”