Praying the Rosary without Beads

“Say the Rosary every day to obtain world peace and an end to war.” -Our Lady of Fatima 13 May 1917

If praying the rosary is important, what do you do if you have no rosary beads? Very simple, you pray anyway!

There are many places where you may be denied access to your beads, or it may be impractical to get them out and make use of them. Consider being in jail. You may be arrested even if you have done nothing wrong, as I have been arrested on several occasions. You may find yourself in jail, even for several days, because the system, never very just to begin with, has become quite corrupt and deluded about its powers.

Or consider being out for a walk and you need to keep at least one hand free for the woods, the occasional underbrush that needs to be pushed aside, or your walking stick. Maybe you climb mountains. Probably you drive a car. Even with only one hand free, even without rosary beads, you can pray the rosary.

After all, the rosary is a set of prayers. It is a set of prayers you repeat and it is a set of prayers you use to focus your mind while you meditate upon a series of mysteries. So, if you can keep track of where you are on the rosary beads, you can pray even without them.

The Prayers

The prayers all fit on a single sheet of paper. They don’t quite fill it. I’ve a print out of the prayers, each in a different colour ink, so I can readily refer to them. If you have such a sheet, or the cards one can buy at a church supply store that sells rosaries, you have an easy reference guide. And if you pray very fast, you may want to have a printed listing of the prayers so your intention to pray those words is clear, even if sometimes the words you say are so fast as to be hard to understand.

The prayers begin with the sign of the cross, the Apostles Creed, the Glory Be, the Fatima prayer, and the Our Father. After the first Our Father is a series of Glory Be followed by Hail Mary, and there are three sets in this series. So counting to three is easy, and you can keep track on your fingers if you have a free hand while driving a long distance. Be sure to focus on the road so as not to be a distracted driver, but no doubt there are plenty of long stretches of highway that I’ve been on where there was no radio reception, I’d played all my CDs too many times already, and I was longing for something to involve the time to good results.

After the first series of Hail Mary and Glory Be prayers, there is another chain, so a Glory Be is prayed, then there is an approaching medallion so the Fatima prayer is prayed, followed by the next Our Father. Now you’ve gotten close to the central medallion, so pray Glory Be and the Fatima prayer, and then you move past and around the medallion to pray the Glory Be and Hail Mary decade of ten in the series.

Signing One to Ten

Now, wait a minute, you say. Counting to ten with only one hand? You mean to have me switch hands, then? Nope. I suggest you visit any number of web sites and video sites where you can see and learn how to count to ten with just one hand. Look up “American Sign Language Count to Ten” and you’ll see the gestures to make.

It’s pretty easy, and you can make up your own ways if you prefer. I simply hold up the thumb on my free hand for the first Hail Mary and Glory Be in the series, then hold up the thumb and index finger for the second in the series, and keep adding a finger until I have five. Then I touch my thumb to one of the fingers at either end (American Sign Language starts with the smallest finger) and touch each of the other fingers of that hand with my thumb until I’ve gotten to nine. The tenth and last number is made by waggling the thumb, or you can close your fist, or set your hand down, whatever works for you.

So you can count to ten with only one hand if you work at it. And lots of people have.

With the gestures down, it is simply a matter of remembering how many decades you’ve prayed. That’s also pretty easy, since you need to meditate at least briefly, perhaps before beginning each Hail Mary, on the mystery for that decade of the rosary. I have been told to pray only the joyful, sorrowful, and glorious mysteries. There are five mysteries in each set. So it should not be too hard, assuming there is not much else going on to draw your attention, to remember where you are in the series.

Finally, you reach the end of the fifth decade, pray the Glory Be and the Fatima prayer, and end with the Hail Holy Queen.

If you pray very fast, you may be able to complete five decades of a rosary in about ten minutes. So, a “complete” set of three rosaries or fifteen decades would take about half an hour. If you take your time with each word, and by all means, pray the way you feel is right for you to pray, then it may be about fifteen or twenty minutes for five decades of a rosary. So, 45 minutes to an hour, and you have prayed three.

What if you are just starting out? Well, you may not be able to afford a rosary or not find it in stores near you, or you may want to pray the prayers before picking out a rosary that you like.

The beads were developed before the rosary as it is given today. The function of the beads is to give a tactile reminder of where you are in the set of prayers. So they are very useful, and I enjoy praying with them. But they are not essential. The essential thing is your mind.

If you have a mind, you can pray, and if you can pray, you can pray the prayers of the rosary. If you have the freedom to speak or whisper or just mouth the words, that can be a blessing. If you have to be silent and still, you can pray in your mind. If you have a set of rosary beads, that is a blessing. If you have none, or cannot keep them moving without detracting from your driving or hiking or climbing or other activity, by all means, just use a hand to keep track of the prayers.

Heal Our World

The people whose vain imaginings have them ruling the world have made it very clear. They seek to enslave all mankind, slaughter as viciously and as painfully as possible 7 billion or more of us, and continue to rape children, drink adrenochrome blood, and wallow in their own filthy desires. The people with power in the United States flew with Jeffrey Epstein to Little Saint James island, and you can read the flight logs yourself. These same people have caused nursing homes to torture the elderly and abuse them endlessly before they die, often of overdose of oral morphine or similar.

Turn your hearts to the children. Turn your hearts to the elderly. Think about what you are doing. Help build a better world by removing yourself from their systems. Keep your resources out of their hands. Build alternatives. Build new freedom communities. Build new agorist markets. Build new ways of interacting that are fully encrypted and beyond the state.

Until then, pray. Pray devotions. Pray novenas. Pray the rosary. Ask God to heal our world. There is much work to be done.

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