LSR Notes: 1/25/21

2 Masks …

List of SHIT …

“Tang: they went to the Moon to escape drinking that shit.” – Dr. Freckles

  1. Tang
  2. Velveeta
  3. Nalley’s Tamales
  4. Hamburger Helper
  5. TV dinners
  6. Frozen Chicken Strips
  7. Acid Wash McMuffin
  8. Jack in the Box or “Jack”

Moar Racism …

Have you read “Everyone I know is a Racist!” by Charles Manson?

How about a lost lecture series …

“Thoughts on Conflict Resolution …”

With Charles Manson …

what if the Beatles’ song “Helter Skelter” had been called “Taco Tuesday”? Imagine Charles Manson having an evil scheme … to make Taco Tuesday more vital?

Let them eat cake …

why can’t it ever be “let them have hookers and cocaine”?

“Let them snort coke!” – Lit Marie Antoinette


L. Ron Hubbard’s story is bullshit … No one would give that nut a commission to command a Naval vessel … even during WW2.

(not unless he was being sheep dipped)


“Scientology: designed to harm”

Porn Names

Johnny Cum Lately? (that’s my porn name AND goal)