LSR Notes: 1/24/21

Racism Test

If I call you racist, and you say “why do you think I’m racist”? – that means you’re racist. If you admit to being racist, then you are definitely racist.

Asking about sexism when the topic is racism makes you even more racist … homophobia? – racism … Worried about the Federal Reserve? – you are an exceptional racist.

The only way to not be racist is to not question racism, but rather look for racists you can identify as being racist. It is simply a question of how anti-racism you are capable of being. The more racists you can publicly vilify? – the less racist you are.

Get it?


I remember when I was the general of the 5th racialist army of Seattle Black Awareness group X …

I remember when you were the Queen of Racialism, and I was your mungis-whore … I would clean the thrunk film from your anus. I would mungilate with oils in the vats of Blinkton …

And what of the RACIALIST WARS of 2020?

The Battle of Thrumpton Street?

Where the anal-thrax butt-queen of Tarragon laid waste to the Church of the Pierced Nipple?

And you said YOU were GOOBIC KING …

(and I said I would kill you)

What about the negative racialists?

negative racism allows you to go around and say racist shit … until you become racism positive again … you can buy negative racism by purchasing these indulgences from me … via massive donations …

Cottage Cheese

Some mother fucker wants to know what I put in my cottage cheese …


What crombis do I pull from beneath my polluted heart to add to your precious cheese? I can see between the molecules of desire and your own faint attempt at being a monkey-king lays bare your intentions … cottage cheese man.

What do you put in your chili? What kind of stone do you shove up your butt prior to placing some kind of cucumber in your woman’s vag? Tell me sklinctus …

I won’t tarry near the edge of the Brimsomian Sea, where scare-turtles and whale-snakes feed on the carcasses of things that once lived before Fukushima.

But you can have your cottage cheese FREAK!