LSR Notes: 1/23/21

Fighting Racism

So much racism …

There was this dude today, who was walking across the street near Spruce and 12th? – he was really racist.

I saw some people pick up pizza today … but they didn’t give me any … that was racist.

We went out last night … we beat this guy down for being racist … he was concussed.

Gribby? – he can tell if you’re racist by just looking at your shoes …

“Those shoes are racist …”, and then we beat you to death.

Ocean Chickens

These things are living in the Gulf of Alaska basin, living on the dying crabs and the tumor fish and coog-beasts that live on pain and plutonium.

I found some in my soup today …

Dead end fantasies …

I’m down to dead end fantasies at this point. My own imagination doesn’t believe me. I want to dream of something better, but even my “dream place” vomits it back up, stares at it, then poops on it and buries it.

Vaccine Shortage

Goes in the same category as “coin shortage” and “toilet paper shortage”. It’s a mind fuck, but to what end? – if you ask me, it’s to convince people that this vaccine is in demand.

if the government says “we’re running out of that vaccine”?

(that means they are not running out – they have a surplus of poison)