LSR Notes: 1/18/21

Isaiah 25: 7

“On this mountain he will destroy the shroud that enfolds all peoples, the sheet that covers all nations;”

Seems like this could be a reference to geoengineering …

The Mayan Calendar

The great rabbit, who was the 23rd shaman of the house of Anticohtle, rose up one day with a vision … and he wrote down the last year of the world …

But he had dyslexia … so he wrote down 2012 …

The right number was 2021.

OCD gone wild …

I made a factor of 10 mistake on a calculation yesterday while podcasting with my friend Jim … and then back in 2015 I think I did the same thing when talking about Earth/Mars radio transmissions.

I was concerned this meant I was going crazy … but maybe it just means I made a couple of mistakes while rambling through a podcast and YES you should always do interplanetary calculations while NOT drunk or high on weed.

Scenario Discussion

  1. Soviet Style Collapse: 5%
  2. NWO/Reset: 10%
  3. Civil War: 20%
  4. Pandemic starts looking like a real pandemic: 10%
  5. Trauma Based Mind Control to hide something: 40% with breakdown -> a) CME: 80%, b) Clathrate Gun: 20%
  6. WW3: 15%

“Grover Cleveland” scenario has a MINUS 6,000 % likelihood across all theoretical universes.


“Dark” is just “Stranger Things” for German people with unresolved WW2 guilt.

Slogans for LOW IQs …

  1. Eat Healthy Food
  2. Drink Clean Water
  3. Poison is Bad
  4. Murder is Wrong
  5. Stop Raping
  6. Black Lives Matter
  7. Blue Lives Matter
  8. Lives Matter
  9. Matter is Not Alive
  10. Poop Came from a Butt
  11. Do not set yourself on fire
  12. No more running over people
  13. You Will Die
  14. Cops Enjoy Beatings