Fears, troubles, the Devil and the Light of God …

  1. Email from a friend about concertina wire at the capitol … “rubber cone” time is over.
  2. I’ve had a hard time seeing the path in recent weeks. Anger and rage and fear cloud my view of the world. so many worries … so many things to be afraid of.
  3. I read once that prophecy was God’s way of giving us hope via proof – in the prophecy fulfilled we find the reification of faith.
  4. Jesus says “do not worry”, and Jesus says “be ready and on watch for my return” – is this a contradiction? … I don’t think so.
  5. He tells us that he came to divide the house. Jesus is our Father, and Jesus is telling us his children will turn on each other … is this prophecy, or reality?
  6. The Holy Spirit is the light we were given – we must pray this light is accepted by all … but we must accept that not all can see or are willing to see.
  7. The Devil? – offers trinkets. Offers things that pass away too quickly to be any substitute for eternal life.
  8. The Devil? – sells immortality and power and control and SINS … all the sins we desire.
  9. We must reject the howl of the Devil, we must embrace the Light of the Holy Spirit.
  10. The Devil is peddling rage, anger, fear, envy … Jesus is the light of the world. The Devil obscures, Jesus reveals.
  11. Some, in our lives, find the Devil’s promises more believable. The Devil can “print you money” and give you a position – but what is that thing you’re holding onto? Is it a lifeline or an anchor that drags you below the waves?