The Holy Spirit is our Lamp in the darkness …

  1. First Reading, Psalm 37:
  2. Announcements: not sure what happens next … with VCOLS or anything else. Keep praying for the Lord’s protection, for His mercy, for His ability to protect us even in impossible situations. I would like to meet with Christians in the Seattle area, if there are any Christians in the Seattle area who are interested? – please email me:
  3. Second Reading, Isaiah 65:
  4. Prayer for staying on the path, even as demons scream in the night, even as mockers jeer. WE ASK FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT TO FILL US, TO GUIDE US, IN THE DARK!
  5. Third Reading, Luke 12: 22-52:
  6. Discussion:
  7. Meditation and prayer for those who struggle to stay ready for the Lord, to stay on His path in these dark days, to do good when we can, where we can.
  8. Lord’s Prayer
  9. God’s Blessing to all.