LSR Notes: 1/16/21

An ominous feeling, part Deux …

  1. Several unfulfilled prophecies, from the Bible, to include Isaiah 24 and Malachi 4, describe an end time event in terms of “fire”, “burning”, “smoke”, “desolation” and the “moon being as bright as the sun”.
  2. Right now it seems as if the deep state is following a schedule that is “fuzzy” – meaning there is no precise termination or end date. Constantly shifting, moving goal posts, keeping people in a permanent state of crazy. I think they know the 1-2 year time frame of this event, but they don’t have a precise date.
  3. 2020 seems like at directed denial of service attack upon the general and global awareness and reason of the bulk of the human race – to the point of madness and death.
  4. Fukushima: rich people LOVE their fucking yachts? – so why no sense of urgency, why haven’t they swarmed on this obvious problem, for everyone, especially boaters (read: wealthy)?
  5. I had an eerie feeling, back in August, that there was some “brick wall” or “black space” about 6 months into the future. Today? – I felt as if that wall was mere weeks, if not days, away.
  6. A good friend of mine has suggested that a CME (coronal mass ejection) matches biblical prophecy IF it’s severe enough. But a “Carrington Event” is probably NOT the kind of CME we’re talking about – we’re probably talking about a scorcher event.
  7. In the 2009 movie (with Nicholas Cage), “Knowing”, he discovers a prophecy, a prediction, in a time capsule that predicts a series of deaths – leading up to a massive die off where NO ONE will be left alive (or perhaps only a few with God’s protection). This could be predictive programming.
  8. A CME, like an earthquake or volcanic eruption, is a fuzzy event in the sense that it would probably be impossible to narrow down the likely occurrence period to less than one year, perhaps two years. It felt, in 2020, like TPTB were running out the clock, in a sense, knowing that they needed to have a plan that could match a fuzzy schedule of catastrophe. If it were an asteroid collision? – they would have more precision.
  9. Geoengineering fits this scenario as well, for several reasons: a) obscures the sky to reduce physical observation, b) manages early effects of what would, maybe, build to a CME, and c) the heavy metals and poisons reduce the human ability to reason about the world.
  10. There has been this inexplicable apathy among so called “patriots” – it’s as if people, on some level, perhaps unconsciously, sense that they will soon be dead … so nothing matters. Drink, party, mine cryptos, do whatever meaningless thing you want until the end … because your reptilian brain is telling you “dude, it just doesn’t fucking matter”.
  11. I thought the “Clathrate Gun” fit the most likely worst-worst case scenario … but what if that was my own mind taking unconscious data and assigning it to the wrong target? The fact is? – a triggered ice age would solve the methane-bomb scenario. If it were a methane bomb? – I’d expect TPTB to set one (or more likely several) caldera volcanoes to explode using tunnels and large mega tonnage thermonuclear weapons – 50-100 megatons.
  12. As with the Clathrate Gun, a lot of folks have reported a “Planet X” possibility. A large object, entering the solar system, could exacerbate or even trigger a huge CME. If a planet-X type object impacted the Sun? – this would undoubtedly release a lot of energy, depending on the velocity. If it were moving fast enough? – most would not detect this until it was too late. Planet X might also be a false interpretation of a real intuition.
  13. The American empire “deep state” loved electronics from the beginning the way the Romans loved roads. When the Carrington Event happened? (1859) This led to many problems with telegraphs. It’s possible this stuck with the deep state, and they decided ONCE they had the capacity, they would try to predict the next such event. That computing capacity probably became available about 50 years ago.
  14. Once this CME is over, the Earth will quickly (over a period of months) descend into a very deep, and possibly long, ice age – this would be the “nuclear winter” that has been spoken of, but far worse.
  15. This is random and probably irrelevant pop-culture bullshit, but Season 4, Episode 1 of “Z Nation”, one of the main characters, Lt. Warren, is having visions of a world on fire. There have been many of these hints, in pop culture, pointing towards a world on fire.
  16. In August of 2019, while sitting at a bust stop on Mercer Island, the cloud cover opened up for a few minutes … and I felt this cooking feeling, inside, that reminded me of my one and only CT scan I’ve ever had … it felt like my insides were being cooked. It was still morning, around 8 AM … still cool, outside. The radiant heat was overwhelming … I’ve had this feeling, going back to 2015, that the Sun’s light was toxic … that it had become toxic. Is it possible, prior to a mega-flare type CME, that the amount of radiation would be greater, and perhaps the kinds of radiation would vary.
  17. In addition to the “blank space” feeling, I’ve had this feeling, for a few months now, that a truth will soon be revealed, probably in the first few months of 2021, and it will be the kind of truth that only an oblivious and foolish person could not recognize.
  18. Antarctica, and the weird secrecy/control over it, makes more sense in a CME scenario – it might be the only place on Earth where you could, in a bunker, have a pretty good chance of riding this thing out.
  19. Solar radiation, excessive amounts, has been linked to madness at the population level.
  20. The vaccine deaths? – why so public. Why enrage and drive people crazier? – if not to immobilize.
  21. The star which heralded Jesus’ coming was life giving. The burning Sun that heralds the Antichrist is filled with pain. From the high level, the end times has a script – the Lord in Heaven knows this. From a low level? – it’s about survival. The prophets, saints and those inspired by visions see different angles. It’s possible that the prophecies you’ve mentioned, about the “candle” for example, are meant as clues, breadcrumbs, to help the elect survive what is coming. But does the time “end” if you survive the CME? – probably not. What comes after surviving the CME is likely the tribulation. The Antichrist is born of a star of pain. Burning orb, searing the Earth, releasing Satan from his frozen tomb in Antarctica …
  22. Another thing about the unfulfilled prophecies: they seem to call attention to targeted wrath, not generalized wrath. The event happens quickly, not slowly. So, Clathrate Gun, though it would be a burning/fiery end? – is convective, and would impact the whole planet (Venus Syndrome). And, it would take months. CME would happen in a few hours, perhaps a day.
  23. I think if we’re hit with a mega-flare? – there is a strong likelihood that nuclear weapons will cook off … despite the “safety measures” … a huge dose of high energy radiation would trigger every nuclear weapon in the path of the flare.

An ominous feeling …

RCW 59.18.150(3) …

I got a letter shoved in my door today. The date on the letter was 1/15 … today is the 16th. It’s a “two day notice” occupancy check, but clearly they don’t give a fuck either.

I think the bullshit is being turned to 11, the crazy, the madness, the anger, all being pushed to 11. What does this mean?

What does it mean when they create anger, confusion, rage, chaos?

What does it mean when they set fire to the restaurant?

I feel as if that “brick wall” I’ve been seeing since August is about to make its debut, and the world will shake.

Or …

Maybe they’re just getting ready to set fire to the restaurant.

The recruiter

Kal: “Hello … is this Mr. Daniel?”

Me: “Yeah …”

Kal: “I just have some questions … what did you do last year?”

Me: “I waited to die …”

Kal: “Great … can you answer foree-five questions?”

Me: “Wut? 45 questions?”

Kal: “Foreeee-fiv questions ….”

Me: “I will answer them ALL ‘fuck you’ …”

Kal: “Blessings …”

Me: “Fuck you …”

The “Reset” is coming …

Season 4, Episode 1 “Z Nation” [9/17/2017]

There are these fragments, pieces of the truth that the Devil leaves littered about …

There are glimpses they give you, not obvious, not something you notice at first … but then, after a while, you see the patterns – you see the lies.

See if you can’t identify the Easter egg?

See if they didn’t leave a clue, in 2017.

Or, is the “Reset” a mind fuck tailor made for the middle-level elite … the governors … mayors … people who believe they are protected – but they will die with the rest of us … I think that’s the riddle .. the “Reset” is bullshit too. (just like the hot turkey in the poster)

“With my blood and the best scientists BITCOIN can buy? – what could go wrong …” – Murphy

Remember when I said so much of our world was now ironically named:

  1. hospitals
  2. smart device
  3. patriot act
  4. war on drugs
  5. war on terror
  6. flatten the curve
  7. black lives matter

Add to this … “The Reset” … it’s not what you think it is … especially if you’re one of these middle-level elite pieces of shit, like Governor Inslee.